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On a quick trot down to Turnpike Lane I thought again how pleasant it is to see people out on the street. Click each picture for a clearer version.

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Fair comment, sort of, but perhaps a bit picky, Antoinette.

Wightman was pretty empty, but for once there were more people than cars. My principal reaction when I walk down Wightman is still one of utter disbelief. I never thought I'd see the day. So whether it's people or empty streets, I'm still gobsmacked. 

Remember the street is not pedestrianised. You wouldn't find it truly busy with people unless a. they added signs at the junctions of the Ladder roads with Green Lanes to stop traffic circling, and b. they stopped motorbikes using the road.

In the meantime the sights I've seen on Wightman this week leave me all but jaw-dropped.

To keep you happy, I've changed to title. Better?

I just want to get across that not everyone thinks this new-found quiet is fantastic...I genuinely don't...I really dislike it and I'm not the only one. You've changed the title to "Wightman Empty and Getting Peopled"...I can't see that either...it's just an oversized cul-de-sac with no pedestrian through traffic at all. The only people walking on Wightman Road are the residents of Wightman Road.

Each to his or her own.......

Well precisely...but I moved here for the noise and bustle...if I had wanted peace and quiet I'd have gone to the suburbs
Well no, you're wrong. I live on a rung road and my family walked a good chunk of Wightman when we'd normally use the passage. It was surreal in a good way and I'd love to see it being this quiet permanently. All you have to do is walk down to Green Lanes if you want your dose of noise and particulates.
So to have not one but two choices of car-free walking routes through the Ladder warrants the traffic chaos in the surrounding areas? Why stop there? Let's pedestrianise the whole of London....Our entire economy would implode but we'd have the birdsong and the ability to skateboard in the street and that's what's important.
And yes I am being flippant

"Our entire economy would implode" <- blind speculation.

"Let's pedestrianise the whole of London" <- straw man.

We're just talking about residential roads Antoinette.

Anyway, Elon Musk had 276,000 orders and $276,000,000 in cash by Sunday night for his Model 3 Tesla. In two years time when customers hand over the remaining $34,000 they may become the last people ever to own a fully electric motor vehicle. Part of the trick with the internal combustion engine was that it required a lot of maintenance and the vendor did the maintenance, which allowed them to discount the vehicles. With fully electric motor vehicles the maintenance will be virtually nothing and so they will most probably be leased. That's in a little over two years. In a little over 5 years we'll have a slick fleet of self driving taxis which will free up massive amounts of space on London's roads and make private travel much more efficient. That's not blind speculation, that's where the world's investors are betting.

In 5 years we'll have a slick fleet of self-driving taxis????? That's the biggest lot of tosh I've ever heard....does anyone else believe that to be true?

electricity is not produced particularly cleanly or impact free to the environment. Electric motors in cars is the bomb, but not really clean.

This is as much a fallacy as seeing the road tax based on emissions and considering diesel cars cleaner than petrol.

That aside, batteries are not particularly clean and quite expensive to replace. 

Wake me up when we get hydrogen-powered cars (and a good way of manufacturing the hydrogen)

And complete respect for Mr Musk. He is playing a massive part in that change, but I think 20-50 years would be more accurate in terms of estimate

I have been taken by surprise by what a massive difference the close of Wightman Road is making. I cycle 6 miles to work to Swiss Cottage from the ladder and Wightman Road is certainly the scariest and most dangerous stretch of road on my journey.  It is so good not to have cars and vans coming within inches of me each day. The closure led me and my son to walk together to Harringay Library along Wightman Road, something we'd never have done before. I hadn't realised how much I braced myself just before I hit Wightman road, whether it's coming out of my road to cycle, walking back across Harringay Station Bridge or coming out of the New River Path - each time I suddenly remember there are no cars and can feel myself relax. I, like many others, drive, but try to use my car as little as possible. The times I've been out in the car since Wightman Road has been closed, have not been too bad.

Agreed we cycle to Central london and Canary Wharf from ladder and wightman road is the most dangerous and worst bit. Loving the closure it's what a residential street should be not a nasty rat run. Keep it closed lol



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