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On a quick trot down to Turnpike Lane I thought again how pleasant it is to see people out on the street. Click each picture for a clearer version.

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I propose making the closure permanent and Wightman become part of a new north-south cycle-only road system set up alongside the new river from Herts to the City. (Alongside other policies such as investment in public transport).



Wightman Walk to Thames River took a relaxed 2.5 hrs walking today in the sunshine, via Finsbury Park, Islington & Farringdon.

That would be fantastic!
That sounds fantastic!! So are you guys going to tell your neighbours that they have to sell their cars? Or are you proposing that they all park on the other ladder roads? Or are you saying that it is only you that should be allowed to park and drive on a 'private' Wightman road?


(not sure how flippant you were being )

there is clickable map showing car ownership by ward. St Ann's ward has 60% non-car ownership. Therefore you only have to tell 40% of your neighbours to sell their cars (if that's what you fancy doing, I personally wouldn't get involved)

secondly, just because something is difficult - politcally, socially or personally - does that mean we should not try and do it? No, it doesn't.

If politicals decision have to be made, it is not residents who should be telling people about the results, is it? It is our job to vote. And even campaign.

Car ownership in London is low (up to 70% of households). However, the chaos, danger, pollution, inactivity, noise, etc etc etc, caused by car use subjugates us all.

who commutes into central london by car? do you know of anyone?

I have had confirmation from the Council today that Wightman Road and the Ladder roads will definitely re-open once the bridge works are completed. The traffic management orders in place are strictly limited to the period of the works and there is no possibility of them being extended.
If only!

Absolutely ! Keep it closed !
Stop the rat run !

I'm going to buck this and say I don't agree. All I see is empty streets...those handful of people were always there, you know



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