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How has the Wightman Rd closure affected families who use North and South Harringay Schools? More kids seem to be cycling and scooting to school and playing on the street, but it would be good to hear from people directly. Has it made trips to school much better or made things more difficult? Are any parents or carers interested in thinking about how we could maintain some of the positive effects we've experienced, over the longer term? 

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I really haven't noticed any difference. The same parents who have always driven their children to school continue to do so. I continue to walk my son to school along the Passage. I was somewhat castigated on another thread for saying that irrespective of the Wightman Road closure I continue to tell my son that the road is not the appropriate place to play. The roads aren't closed and I maintain that cars and kids don't mix. I might feel differently if he were older.

The Wightman closure has greatly improved our cycle ride (or walk, on the days we walk) to school. My kid is delighted at being able to ride on the road, which I allow him to do with great care (& keeping my own cycle between him and any cars passing on the other side of the road). I have been reflecting recently, in fact, that it has been a great way to teach him 'road literacy' in a gentle and highly supervised way: we've been able to talk about where on the road you position yourself, which side of the road to go on, what to do when you hear a car, etc. I am also pleased to say that the motorcyclists whose behaviour can sometimes be obnoxious (eg. going far too fast and going onto the pavement when they can't get through the bollards) have all so far been very cautious around him: when they see a kid on a bike, they hang back and let him go through the bollard gaps first. So a thumbs up from me. 

Although my children no longer attend primary school, as a resident of one of the school roads I can't say I've noticed much difference in terms of cars. There is slightly less traffic but not significantly so.

If anything, it has caused a few problems for pupils who have to catch a bus (or two) to get to their secondary schools. The no. 41 bus journey time has been affected for example.

The 41 bus was always bad though. I catch it all the way to Archway, or I try to. It often terminates at Hornsey Rise.



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