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On Sunday night I was helping one of the mysterious big van drivers in my street get out of the snow. He obviously didn't have a shovel in there. He spoke very good English but with an accent (Hungarian maybe?). So being the nosy bugger that I am I had a good look at what he had on his windscreen with regard to permits. Nothing from Haringey but there was a Kensington and Chelsea builder's permit.


Does anyone have any idea how common this is? I've noticed that my street empties out a lot during the day and in fact at the moment, despite a couple of skips and redundant disabled bays, has room for quite a few more cars to park.


This particular van was one of the really tall ones that I'd find quite depressing if it was parked outside my house in the evening (I think Victorian houses are nicer to look at than the side of a big white van). I know that not only should they have a parking permit but they should have a special expensive one for their big white van.


Does anyone else think that this is a bit off?

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We had one of those parked outside our house all over Christmas last year. It wasn't the most attractive sight for our festive visitors and it blocked the light.


So I do find it annoying, and I don't really understand why people come from seemingly miles away to park in our streets. But really I am just thankful that we've got residents parking after 4 years of parking hell.

These people live in our area & work elsewhere for those that earn bonuses in the city, big fat bonuses. To put it simply, the filthy rich's tradesmen live with us and bring their vans with them. They don't need permits for Haringey because they work 12 hour days 6 days a week in lalaland.
Matt either you delete this most unhelpful post or I will ask someone else to.
Matt you are being obnoxious as usual, take a day off and give us all a break.

A "tradesman's van" is their "means of production" so either they own their own means of production (in which case why the sympathy?) or they're doing their boss a favour parking the van somewhere safe and not outside the bosses house.


Too many people are NOT contributing to the council's tax revenues, as you implied earlier here. These people (who also cause a nuisance with their big white vans), and the CPZ allergics of Lib Dem land (where the tradesmen's bosses park their Audi RS convertibles) are amongst them.


The traders you so happily disparage pay PAYE. Philip Green, his wife, et al do not. This HoL salary envy is absurd and I guess at least you have the comfort of Clive being a worse idiot than you are being about it. A salary is something you have to get off your arse and earn EACH DAY, wealth is something you can sit back and let grow all by itself (also thanks to favourable tax rates for the wealthy non-earners of Britain). I imagine marginally more people become "wealthy" each year earning a salary than do winning the National Lottery.

If large vans are parked in a CPZ during restricted hours then there are regulations about size.

Parking and traffic code of practice- Haringey Council. "The maximum dimensions of a vehicle permitted to park in a permit (sic) within a CPZ is....." (I think this should be with a permit?)

overall height 2.27 meters, length 5.25 meters, gross weight 25 tons.

Many white vans parked locally (with and without permits) are above 2.27 meters in height, no need to go out with a tape measure just note the make of the van and Google the specifications. As always the problem is enforcement. I tried unsuccesfully to get a traffic warden to ticket a van parked outside of my house for a prolonged period blocking my window, the warden seemed unaware of the regulations.

Hi Maggie, this only applies to vans parked within the CPZ during restricted hours, correct? As far as I understand there are no restrictions after hours, so after 6:00 pm on Ladder roads? Or am I getting this wrong?
You're right Anette, no inspectors after hours. There was a token ticketing of my neighbour for not having his disabled badge in the car at 11 o'clock one night but I think that proved politically unpopular. The blokes I helped the other night were well aware of the regulations, desperate as they were to move their van, which they'd parked AFTER the snow had fallen, before the inspectors came around in the morning. You can't get a permit for the bigger vans as far as I am aware, the ones on my street do not have them. Good on the alarm clock folk...
There's at least 3 white vans parked in our street regularly. It has unrestricted parking but I didn't realise that big vans still need a permit. To be fair, I think a lot of them are owned/driven by residents who do actually live there.
Our street in N4 is the nearest street to central London with free parking, hence it has become a car park for camper vans for sale, large white vans, etc. whilst we get painted into an increasingly small corner by CPZs.

Yes I've seen him too. I think we should take this up with a councillor, given the grief we go through in this household to prove we live here every 12 months.

Please get the full registration and we'll get him. That's fraud. Silver Mercedes, right?



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