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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Rather shocked to see what those chaps and chapettes are having to put up with from certain 'hard pressed' motorists.

Read Haringey Indy story here

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200 pounds for a serious assault!!!!


My list of people I am never going to work for now includes Brian Haley.
There is a profit niche here.
If it costs £500 to have someone beaten up thats a profit of £200 for the perpetrator. Nice going.
Two reports here by Elizabeth Pears:

1. LBH Traffic Warden seriously assaulted in line of duty. Perpetrator pays £200 and some community work.

2. Tottenham Sex Worker raped and seriously assaulted in line of work. Perpetrator gets 8 years + as a danger to the public.

I think if I was Haley's Traffic Warden I might want the Highgate Magistrates to re-consider their calculus of reward and punishment along the lines of the Old Bailey and Lewes Crown Court judges.
Not clear about your comparison/point... are you saying the court should be giving the traffic warden offender the same sentence as the rape and assault of the sex worker? Are you saying the court was too harsh on the sex worker assaulter? The comparison is not clear to me???
It's very clear to me, SB. 8+ years seems about right for an unprovoked assault on a Traffic Warden in my employ. I helped to vote in our CPZ and its modification. I help pay for it. If a Traffic Warden cannot place a penalty charge on the windscreen of an irresponsible parker without incurring a grievous assault in the line of duty, then the perpetrator should not be mollycoddled. We may take it that the perpetrator was not simply an ordinary car driver who, like your good self, felt his hackles rising uncontrollably at the mere sight of a traffic warden.

The two incidents I compared appeared side by side in the Haringey Independent. May I disappoint you, then, by saying: No, I was not saying the Sussex Crown Court was too harsh on the sex worker assaulter???
Well maybe we( ie the council, the government, the police, us in the community) should be looking at why traffic wardens attract so much hatred. The whole PCN scam of recent years has been a financial attack on ordinary car drivers which has made councils millions(how much does not seem to be documented nor are we given clear explanations about what is done with this money - is it paying for councillors expenses? or being put into improving local communities... where is it all going?

I personally feel my hackles rising whenever I see a traffic warden - I think what poor b*%$£* are they going to get now? That is not to condone any violent act against anyone - obviously violence is totally unnacceptable under any circumstances.......but why don't councils start looking at why people are so angry that they are taking it out on the guy at the bottom of the ladder - instead of the guys who form policy at the top.

Did anyone see that the residents of (Noel Park?) took the council to court to stop residents parking permits being applied? and won! Hurray for common sense! Can't we all follow their lead!
The "poor b*%$£*" they are going to get now is most likely someone who's illegally parked.
If he wasn't parked where he wasn't supposed to be then he wouldn't get fined.
I don't envy traffic wardens anywhere their jobs. I totally see that they are trying to stop people illegally parking, and I would applaud that.

But the lack of any kind of discretion to their job (for obvious reasons) makes them very frustrating people to deal with if you just happen to make a mistake. For example, a few months back a friend was doing me a favour and had left his car on our road. I'd put a string of tickets in the window but by mistake had not scrubbed out one of the month boxes. A few hours later I happened to notice some wardens reading through the tickets and getting out their penalty charge box. I rushed out to see what was wrong, and then had this mind blowingly frustrating conversation with them about whether I could avoid getting a fine. In the end I had to tape a new ticket on the outside of the window (I didn't have the car keys) - even then they said ths was 'probably illegal'!

None of this is to condone anyone being violent; more just to say that I can see why people find traffic wardens challenging. I think they should have more discretion personally, but I can see that this is very hard. Without it, you end up with suspicion and mistrust even among those those who are supportive of their aims.
Yes - I'd agree completely that Traffic Wardens should exercise some discretion. The incident above is a perfect example of when someone has tried to follow the rules, and a minor mistake was made. But I reckon that's an exception. It's not hard to spot people who blatantly ignore any parking restrictions purely for their own convenience - parking in bus lanes or by crossings or blocking other traffic. If it wasn't for the fairly high chance of getting caught and fined, it would be mayhem out there.
The reason why traffic wardens attract so much hatred-becuase they give out so many tickets to peop-le who already have taken the trouble to buy passes-outragous and just happened to me-got off in the end but after lots of letters and hassle-
I have been given a parking ticket even though I had a parking permit. I had a half page piece in the Standard (as well as two local papers) outlining what they did, they never apologised to me although they did drop the charge out of "good will". Standard article attached.

They "corrected" your spelling of Harringay. Ha ha ha.

Nice shirt too BTW.



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