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My daughter has taken a real fancy to the flower boxes she passes when walking up and down the passage to school and is keen to get invlved with caring for them in some way. Any idea who's in charge of them and how she might get more active with this lovely side of local life?

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The people who put those out have gone underground. Some were arrested. Are you sure you want your daughter involved with these criminals?

What John means is that no one is in charge and anyone is free to adopt a box or planter to take care of. Maggie and I keep an eye on the Warham planters but are always happy for others to do a spot of weeding, pruning, planting and especially watering. Justin and others take care of Pemberton and I think Nick still cares for Falkland but the small boxes and most of the large planters are unadopted. There’s no group as such just a very loose  (not at all shadowy John) network of individuals who do what they can, when they can. 

Thanks for explaining Liz.

So it's OK if she does  a bit of weeding and watering on occasion then.

Oh yes. The more, the merrier. 

Me and my kids enjoy occasionally tackling the beds on Cavendish Road, just be careful when you first go in as there are sometimes sharp objects buried under the weeds. Just worth taking a quick look through before small hands go in. 

Just want to say how much I appreciate all the flower boxes and how much they make our community beautiful 

It's fantastic that your daughter is interested in the flower boxes. I've seen many programmes recently about the importance of wildflower meadows which have been in decline by huge amounts. But tiny patches throughout urban areas can help restore our wildlife. It struck me that maybe these boxes could be a great way of developing urban meadow-land patches???



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