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Hi all,

I recently moved in a new flat (new build) and there are white aerial sockets in both bedrooms, but when I tried to tune in my tv which has freeview integrated, no signal can be found. I am guessing the socket is not connected to anything. I called Openreach but they were extremely unhelpful. Any ideas who can fix this please? I am told it is a simple matter of connecting some cables in the pannel box.

Help please!



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You can't blame Openreach as they don't use aerials but distribute through internet.

Ask the person who said it was a simple matter

In a new block the tv is normally provided through a communal aerial or whatnot (to stop people putting up endless receivers). It may even be part of the service charge.  You could try whoever is the managing agent.

Yes I already tried that and it's already been two months of waiting to hrar back on this. It's probably quicker to be done privately, if someone could recommend an engineer.




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