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I posted around Christmas about my mail troubles but clearly they have not been resolved! I have two packages that are apparently lost. It says delivery was attempted, but I didn’t get a knock at the door nor did I get a paper notice. It’s been weeks now, and with no indication of where the packages are held, I guess I have to suck it up and deal with losing £50.  

Rather annoying. 

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Try complaining too:



It might not achieve anything in the short term but the squeaky wheel etc...

Adam- who are these folks?

I have made a number of successful claims for delayed postage over the Christmas period- I must have had 10 books of stamps from them. I reckon the only way to have an impact is to make such a claim as there is a statistical record of delays that they should be taking note of so someone gets their pants kicked!

However, I am struggling to make a claim for the 17 letters that arrived on the 5th of Jan and posted on the 17th/18th Dec. I have to make a claim within a month of receipt, but given my initial complaint to Royal Mail to try and deal with them as a block, not piecemeal went unanswered I am now time bared as I am too late. Multiple backwards and forwards with the  complains email people is getting me no where. I would love to get hold of a human with decision making powers!

They were recommended to contact on here after David Lammy's intervention

Here you go:


victoria.crook@royalmail.com (Royal Mail - Chairman and Chief Executive Office)

Maybe try Michael's LinkedIn for the personal touch?


Justin, If they are re-imbursing in books of stamps, you should be aware that as of early year all current paper stamps will not be valid as they are being replaced with barcoded ones.


This in my inbox today.

And today, this:

How about this...

Every time someone's package get's lost or unreasonably delayed in the Tufnell Park Pile they send a brief identically templated refund request email to the CEO / CMO of the supplier company.

This email , cc'ed to Mr Hogg & Ms Crook, would explain that because we no longer have a reliable postal service we will not able to trade with them unless they offer an alternative courier / delivery method.

Might get their attention.

Dear Bee, Sorry to hear about your mail disasters. Royal mail, privatised by the Tories, has run down for many years and so was unable to deal covid when it hit. Constant staff shortages caused by austerity measures mean we have basically lost a fine public service, never to return. Our house of 7 flats has had poor to appalling postal service for almost 2 years. At the worst post was only delivered for once a week !!! 1 out of 6 days... unbelievable. Not once have we had a written or email apology for months of slow service. A 'national communications company' that utterly fails to communicate with its paying customers. Our lazy MPs have done nothing to correct this, fat chance.

Cheers, Mark, N4 2AR



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