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Hi All

I have just moved to the ladder. I have a 2.5 year old and I am 7 months pregnant. Would like to meet mums close by with similar age kids, any ideas where I could meet some like minded mums?



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My kids are big now but I used to use Burghley road Playgroup. I think it's still up and running...

You can pop into the Mothers and Toddlers group at North Harringay Primary on Falkland Rd, N80NU if you like. Open term time only, Mon - Friday, 9am - 11am. It's volunteer run by two child minders. It's a stay & play set-up.

Hi DJ,

Welcome to the area!

You could sign up the local NCT group and you'll get sent updates on things going on in the area, just send an email to harringayladder@haringeynct.org and ask to be added.

When I was on maternity leave with my second baby, I found this website absolutely fantastic for planning things to do: http://www.ollyolly.co.uk/

Best wishes


Oh my god, thanks for the replies all!

Norah - Yes Burghley Road playgroup is still on. It looks really good!

Matt - That's right next door to me so I will be checking it out

Osbawn - I was aware of the Woodlands park, it gets really busy in there! I didn't know about south Harringay school at all :)

Anja - Just signed up to the NCT area group. I do use olly olly, its fab as they list things that are quite different. We went to the out of Africa rhythm club last week

We moved from Islington, I was pretty worried that there wouldn't be as much to do in the area as there was in my previous address, think that I was wrong about that...

When you have had your new little one, I couldn't rate Monday mornings at Blend highly enough. I met a fantastic group of local mum friends there plus the owners are fantastic. Also, met some lovely mums and dads at local groups such as Movers and Shakers and post natal pilates at South Harringay school!

Hi Jem, thanks will def be there at some point, I have been in there already (not Monday) and tried the carrot and courgette cake. Sooo nice

I recommend going to Jeremy's music session (Monday or Thursday at 1030 at Finsbury Park cafe); trying out Movers and Shakers on Fridays 1045 at Harringay & Stroud Green library (grab a coffee before at But First Coffee, it's full of local mums); and the YMCA Harringay Club has great activities for 2 year olds too every day of the week - Jolly Jumpers on Thursdays from 10 is great fun.

Good luck and hope to see you around!

Thanks Burgoyne Bec.

Will be trying some of these places. See you there!

Haringey Libraries and Bruce Castle Museum do lots for families - we publish a link to the guide every month. Here's the one for October . Stroud Green and Harringay Library is just over the bridge at Harringay Station and puts on lots of fun stuff.  See also St Ann's Library a bit past Chestnuts Park. 

Hi everyone, I recently joined HoL and I am so glad I did! All local parents are very welcome to join the FB group "Haringey , Finsbury Park , Holloway parents and carers" It's a group for the mums and dads of Haringey, Finsbury Park, Holloway where you can post questions, recommendations, sell or ask for wanted family related items or share local tips and advice. Just follow the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1664037043875881/



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