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Cycle streets have produced a very informative map giving locations of different sorts of traffic collisions. This link (& the image below) gives a local view of cycling accidents:


You can also click a box on the right hand side to see pedestrian collisions.

It shows very clearly how bad Green Lanes is, but also the problems with other busy roads

The data covers 2005-2018, and comes from the Department of Transport.

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Thanks for sharing.  Quite extraordinary when you see the data set out like that.   Depressingly, I think it doesn’t even tell the whole story as I’ve been involved in an accident that’s not on there and another I witnessed doesn’t seem to be recorded either.  I’m guessing the info must come from crime reports and/or insurance claims and with my bump I didn’t report it to the police and the chap gave me his details and agreed just to pay for my bike to be fixed.  

This is the definition of this dataset- essentially there needs to be an 'injury' and the police needs to have recorded it:

"The STATS19 database is a collection of all road traffic accidents that resulted in a personal injury and were reported to the police within 30 days of the accident.
The data are collected by the police at the roadside or when the accident is reported to them by a member of the public in a police station."

Thank you

Note that if the collision was in 2019 then it won't be in this dataset yet - it only goes up to 2018.

The scary thing is how many that weren't reported? As a cyclist- I've been hit by a moped riding the wrong way up West Green Rd, and by a pedestrian deciding to turn around midway across the rd and carry on without looking resulting in our collision - he admitted it was his fault.  In both  cases I was able to walk away, although buckled wheel after the pedestrian collision. Loads of close passes or dangerous manouveres by cars on numerous roads in Haringey / Harringay.

It's also really interesting to look at the pedestrian and car occupant casualties via the link.  It seems to show that in terms of fatalities (not accidents overall), cycling is the way to go.  The number of pedestrian fatalities is pretty horrific.  As well as Green Lanes/West Green Rd etc, the bottom of Crouch End Hill appears to be a black spot for serious accidents involving cyclists.

You also need to consider the numbers of people doing each activity - Green lanes has huge numbers of pedestrians walking on it, crossing the road etc and far fewer cyclists. Many cyclist avoid or minimise travel on Green Lanes because it is dangerous.

I was hit by a kid on a push bike riding on the pavement at Turnpike Lane .Hit me amid ships so to speak. I told him to cycle on the road. Needless to say he cycled away still on the pavement. I never reported it, if I'd thought somebody cared I would have done !

How old was he? Only 15s and over have to cycle on the road...



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