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I've noticed that Green Lanes has been plastered with stickers and posters by the 'London Anti-Fascist Network' and 'Antifa' explaining that they've designated the area to be 'anti-fascist'. Presumably this is a warning against some threat but who are these posters intended to scare away or warn us about?

Are they against Dusty Knuckle and the other smarter shops which are popping up or are they against people wearing masks and adhering to lockdowns etc?

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It's the ones in Downing Street that concern me...

Theirs a dusty nuckle in downing street? 

They are doing well

Ha. Love it. Glad you haven't grown up Rick

Joys of Minority not finding their ideal Political Party to Elect. Thanks to Freedom of choice. Where anyone can stand for Election 

I believe they are just secondary school students letting off steam against the stricter teachers. Nothing to worry about. They usually grow out of it.

I truly hope they don't. We need anti fascists now more than ever. We are walking blindfold into a perfect storm in the future and it's our youth who will suffer the most...

But who are these mystery fascists? Who do you mean? I've seen Golden Dawn in Athens. They're fascists! I've not seen anyone in any way approaching that here.

I think they're the ones who won't let us stay up after bedtime!

Seriously though I think the recent fly posting is linked to the coup in the local Labour party that saw the more extreme Momentals deposed and the change of leadership.

There are no real fascists in the UK.

London is something like 60% non-English if you want to talk about politics. I feel that most people wouldn't be very keen on fascists taking power here even if they were around in any substantial numbers.

What you mean is you don't like the Tories and they are meanos. That's fair enough, but living in hyperbole will just make your life a scary and sad place.

I don't think we need to man the barricades just yet but thank you for your vigilance.

Ha. See those guys marching down green lanes all the time

Antifa are the onely fashists around here



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