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I've noticed that Green Lanes has been plastered with stickers and posters by the 'London Anti-Fascist Network' and 'Antifa' explaining that they've designated the area to be 'anti-fascist'. Presumably this is a warning against some threat but who are these posters intended to scare away or warn us about?

Are they against Dusty Knuckle and the other smarter shops which are popping up or are they against people wearing masks and adhering to lockdowns etc?

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Antifa = Anti fa...scist,

Anti as in ....opposing. In this case opposing fascism.

They openly threaten people and use violence to suppress opposing political views. That's quite fascist! The name is an irony lost only on them.

... not based on fact. 

You missed the joke Maggie.

There really is nothing to miss.

I think they were posted at the time the old post office was taken over and opened as a "Free Shop". They actually had some photos of named individuals that were designated as fascists, but they were soon removed. I mean the photos, not the fascists. I am not sure what qualifying criteria were applied.

Hahaha yes I remember some of this, thankfully they were moved on. I think they are the same individuals spreading anti-voting stickers... 



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