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All the roads North of Frobisher Rd became one way in the summer of 2002, I think.

What about the rest of the ladder?

When were the gardens gated and Salisbury asked to take all their previous traffic?

When did pavement parking start on Wightman and when did they put those traffic island things in?

I think the mess at Sainsburys and the pedestrian lights at Endymion Rd/Green Lanes was November 2007, certainly Hugh was moaning about it/alerting us to it on the 24th.

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I think the recent CPZ machinations, where they removed the free parking bays, were June 2007, just before HoL started.
I moved onto Wightman in May 1998 and pavement parking was in force then.
I can't remember when they made the Ladder streets one way but prior to that there were horrendous accidents evey month involving cars turning onto Wightman from Hampden. I used to keep an old blanket handy to rush down and cover the bodies. I'm happy to say I haven't seen an accident on that junction since Hampden went one way heading away from Wightman.
I'm pretty sure the one-way system was instituted in 2001. The no-right turn trial on Hewitt was an acknowledgement of the increase in traffic volume on Hewitt, was in 2002. (Abandoned because it displaced the problem to Beresford).

Pavement parking on Wightman has been there as long as I can remember. Eddie might remember when it started.

You can get any info you need under FOI.
Good idea, I'll do that.
No, Hugh, I'm afraid I'm a bit hazy about the pavement parking - comes from not being a driver, I s'pose. I certainly recall early morning struggling between parked cars and overgrown hedges long before I retired in Dec.2003. As John D says, it must have been from much earlier - though probably not from 1887 :-)
The traffic islands/'refuges' came with the one-way conversions - as did that monstrosity, 'Ladders' instead of 'Ladder' on the signs.
I totally agree on 'The Ladders' sign, we should campaign to get rid of them. Any idea how many there are?
Are young tom boys who live on the Ladder, Ladderladettes?

Big bottle of Tipex anyone?
Adam, I suspect it's one for each ENTRY point to the 20mph Zone, below each '20' sign.
The pavement parking was definitely in place in 2001 - as I had issues with pushchair, hedges and cars. Many times I had to out onto the road at the top of Seymour. I used to complain to the council every three/four months, they must be so glad I don't use a pushchair anymore!
Yes most of the current Ladder roads were 'converted' in 2001 after consultation and surveys posted to the residents. I think various plans were on show at the Greek church prior to implementation.

Initially a CPZ permit was £50 then brought down to £25 the following year.

Although Allison Road traffic flow was increased due to the St Anne rat run, it was far better. I do acknowledge there are four or five roads where this has made a negative impact. I am sure the answer to the problems are to open up the Gardens, Hermatage and St Annes by the Salisbury. If you designed a road configeration consistiing of one ways, no right turns etc, you have far more to play with. Even distribution is key that's why I was appose to the gating of Ladder roads back in 2001 when surveyed because I would be selfishly pushing more onto our surrounding neighbours.
That's OK Birdy, I behave like that sometimes too. I sent Mr Lammy a letter around the time he was opposing the concrete factory asking him to not oppose it because they would just put it in Northumberland Park where the residents are less savvy.

It's sort of like when you have to referee your own side at football and decide to be even harsher on them than perhaps a neutral ref would.

You don't think that if they blocked off the ladder it might mean more people give up their flipping cars and use public transport?
Not wanting to split hairs, but I don't think the one way was 2001, I think was early 2002.

I moved here in the autumn of 2001 and I had enough time with two-way to be glad when the one-way arrived, if you follow. I think the speed humps came first.



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