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I've got an old laptop now no longer used, plus a 1tb and 500m external hard drives. Anyone got any suggestions on the best (and safest) ways to dispose of them? Thinking both of the environment but also not wanting any data from them to be reconstituted. And preferably local! Thanks.

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We crush the hard drives at work...

A lump hammer is the usual way.....

And after you've crushed them/hammered them? Just chuck them in the bin?! Or is there somewhere more environmentally right-on we should take them?

I know Hornsey Historical Society are looking for a laptop to use if you feel OK donating it? It would just be used at the Old Schoolhouse by a few members of the Archive Team. They need it to load various catalogues onto to assist in answering queries from visitors. Doesn't even need to be internet enabled.

As long as you ensure all your stuff is deleted beforehand.

Understand if you don't want to risk it.

I don't know anyone locally who can deal with old hard drives securely.

There is a charity that recycles old computers on the Holloway Road, nearail the cinema. I donated my old desktop after deleting all the data.

Is this the place?


and they have a furniture / elec shop on the opposite side a bit further towards Holloway.

No it's not.

It is this one:

Computer Aid International
443 Holloway Road

TEL 0207 2810091.

Nother sure if they are still there, but worth a try.

I'm sure Marek ( on here ) would wipe the drives for you and recycle the laptops if you would like to do that.

I took mine to Wood Green (Western Rd, London N22 6UG). It's a recycling centre, 5 minutes walk from Wood Green Station. I also took other electrical unwanted items... You can take anything there really....before that, i took out the memory and destroyed it....

Computer Aid are based up near Arnos Grove now. They will wipe your hard drive to US govt approved standards and it will be re-used in the developing world. 


Oh, I didn't know they had relocated.
Good to know...

That's the perfect solution and just what I was hoping for. Many thanks Tilly, will take everything there.



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