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I was thinking it could be useful to start a post on what is open at the moment, as beyond supermarkets (chains & local) it is a bit unpredictable. I did an exercise cycle to Stoke Newington today, which helped my research....

For example, hardware shops are allowed to be open, but very few are - neither Lynbo, Lido nor Homebase are as far as I have seen. I spotted that KAC hardware on Stoke Newington Church street is open, and apparently Screwfix are doing click & collect for 'essential items'.

Newsagents are also often open - including Maqsood News on Green Lanes & the quite large Hamdy's newsagent on Stoke Newington High Street.

A lot of bakers & butchers are open; the very nice Spence bakery on Stoke Newington Church street is open today, though it was closed at the start of the crisis.

Restaurants & cafes are allowed to be open for takeaway only, though only some are, including Anteplilar and Abraco on Green Lanes. Il Bacio Express is open on Stoke Newington Church street, as are a number of others on that street.

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Homebase is open, but there were 28 people queueing when I got there, and only 20 mins allowed once inside- Also the W5 bus only went as far as 'Harringay ' station due to gas leak in Oakfield Rd. So I walked from there down to GL and along, passed the mattress under the bridge.

Yes, that would be useful.

Why is the post office in Stroud Green Road closed today?

Saw horrendous queue for PO in Crouch End the other day.

Intrepid Bakers at Hornsey is open

Thanks for posting this Michael. I’ll add a few I have seen on my cycle commute:

For any DIY enthusiasts, Leyland is open in Camden, seven days a week, though for shorter hours. 

There’s also a great little bike shop near Mornington Crescent, misleadingly called Camden Cycles (as it is practically behind Mornington Crescent station). They service bikes and sell second hand ones and are open till 7 pm on week days. I bought a nifty little fold up bike at the start of the lockdown from them. They claim to have a wide range of all kinds of bikes, including electric ones. If you are interested in buying a bike, ring them beforehand and they will get them ready. Bring your own wipes, etc., as they don’t wipe down bikes, surfaces or tools (well they didn’t several weeks ago). Tel: 020 7388 7899.

Pets at Home on Camden Road looks like it is open also. 

Passed Laundry in Lordship Lane, near Wood Green Tube. To see that it was Open

Saw a number of people outside with bags of washing. Not able to stop and see conditions of use

Top Dry Cleaners - Laundry Now Open reduced Hours

Tuesday - Sunday 10.30 - 1700      

734 Lordship Lane N22  -   0208 889 7919

Discovered on way to my brothers to get my Washing Done . Yes used their Services 

Best Laundry I have found in Area 



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