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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Well, it seems 10 years of hard work has its reward..

This popped up on my phone the other day.


Sorry if it's already been posted.

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Can you give us a clue Andy (the link requires you to sign up to the FT..).

Sorry again ,,

The article is behind a pay wall. 

Basically, young Cliare has joined a property development group called 'Pinnacle' 

Pinnacle were one of the ultimate three preferred bidders for the HDV. 

Well, at least she has something to do with all the time she now has. 

Blimey, I'm getting old..
For clarity .. Pinnacle are a private equity property management group .. But were definately shortlisted to work on the HDV.
Claire will be the director of housing -

Does anybody detect a bit of a smell here ?

There is a certain fragrance 

This was flagged up to me earlier in the week and I was sent this link.

I'm not sure there's any particular smell. Senior politicans often move on to a comfortable position when they leave politics.

But with a flagrant conflict of interest ?

A gamekeeper turned poacher ?

To be fair, whatever the rights and wrongs of it, that's pretty standard practice.

The flow of personnel between public & private sector and back again happens all the time. Both sectors on the whole benefit from this. A private equity/retail consultancy I worked within years ago employed ex-teachers regularly because of their people skills etc .... and they doubled their income.

Certainly more flagrant than fragrant, John. And to think we spent a decade vainly trying to catch her in flagrante!  Naturally, with Hugh and Matt, we should wish Claire a successful and painless transitioning and rejoice that she has finally found her identity. Perching on the acme of the pinnacle, however, might prove even more uncomfortable than her Haringey seat. Still, better than my sources told me. Someone else must have got the cleaning job for those LBH tenanted HMOs. 

You can see who was elected in Haringey here

I'm not surprised at all, as Hugh says this is pretty standard for a retiring politician.

she was also chair of the 'local authority group'(LGA) who represent all local authorities across the country, her phone book and contacts from across the uk must be worth a fortune to a company like pinnacle. 



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