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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

What’s great about the neighbourhood? Please share your thoughts with me!

I’m an MA student living in the area and I’m doing some research into online communities for my dissertation.

I’m interested in finding out how a sense of place is created online and how this relates to heritage value in the offline world. 

I’m looking for people to talk to me about what they value and think is special about the neighbourhood - It would be great if anyone would like to get in touch and share this with me. I’m not looking for extensive answers, anything you have to share in regard to what you like about the area, from a feeling, to a specific building, place or street will be very useful for my research.

If anyone would like to take part, please do get in touch with me or just leave a reply to this thread!

Thanks a lot


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The number one thing, by a mile, is bumping into people I know when I am out locally. It's not about the place or the architecture.

I'm with you on that John.  I know that when I walk down my street I'll pass the time of day with at least one person.  I also value that I can confidently leave spare keys with half a dozen neighbours and get parcels taken in by half a dozen more.

What's 'heritage value'?

I agree with the other posters though, it's hard to not to bump into someone you know on your way round the local area - which is mostly a good thing  I think having local schools is an important part of this aspect.


I'd say the fact that Harringay has an entire, working high street full of independent shops and restaurants (which co-exist quite happily with the bigger 'essentials' like Sainsbury's) is one of its best assets. I don't think I've lived anywhere quite like it and it feels unique in London.

I REALLY like The Garden Ladder!

It's a nice friendly local that's unpretentious and relaxing. So hard to find in London.

Its one of the few inner city communities in which you can be poor but eat well.  When I'm feeling flush its nice to go and ogle the lovely stuff at the posh food market, but actually for most of the month when I'm trying to stick to a limited food budget the local shops are lifesavers.  I know if its a week til payday and I only have £5 left I know that I can but fresh fruit and veg in the amounts that suit me and make that money stretch.  Even with the takeaways, a £6 stew from Hala lasts at least two meals - with bread left over for a couple of breakfasts. I work with people who have been homeless and have been recently housed, and I know that in lots of areas of London, without a car or money for travel, what would be available locally would be more expensive and less healthy.

I love the Passage that goes all through the ladder to Turnpike Lane, I live looking out for ducks and swans on the New River, I live the plaster cows outside houses on Cavendish Road, I love our Sunday market on Mattison Road, I love the fantastic Salisbury Pub with its amazing tiles inside, I love the little modern church St Mary's on Wightman Road at the top of Burgoyne Road, I love that we have a Grand Parade section of Green Lanes, I love the variety of people from around the world that you overhear talking and I love the late hours that the local shops keep. We have great parks close by (Finsbury and Clissold) and now even a great new theatre - Park Theatre. But basically Haringey is not snobby or trendy we are all sorts from everywhere, although of course the biggest flavour here  (haha) is Turkish still. Delicious I say. (Plus I agree with Osbawn except I would have said "other nice places".)



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