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That we are in a tier3 lockdown and all shops are open. That I can mix with hundreds of people in Primark without having to wash my hands in antibacterial lotion and check in with my name, address and contact number but I can't sit in a pub that holds a 20th of what Primark does and have to give my details, wash my hands, wear a mask and is generally better and stricter controlled than any of the shops in Wood Green high road. If anyone can explain the greater risks involved in visiting a small pub/bar or restaurant I'm all ears.

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I have coffee in Wetherspoons in Wood Green and am at distance from everyone. I then go to Morrisons over the road and am very close to everyone. 

I completely agree with you.

This is why infection rates are through the roof. We just visited Eastbourne. Everyone wearing masks. Sanitiser everywhere. People in the streets keeping a distance. Rules in pubs strictly adhered to. But the schools are still open! Secondary students the highest infection group. All forgotten for five days at Christmas. Second wave still rising and a third guaranteed after Christmas. Corporate manslaughter by this government.

Not the government.  The people.  Or are you being forced to shop at Primark and drink at Wetherspoons?

It's the government's responsibility to properly inform the people, and the messages have been so thoroughly mixed that the few that actually know all the rules are likely inclined to think the government are making them up as they go. 

If it were 'the people', surely we'd see more uniform infection rates across the rest of the world - unless we are somehow inherently an especially reckless nation. 

I think you’ve just highlighted why infection rates in Haringey have been rocketing.  I think the main difference is the amount of time you spend in a venue.  In a shop I would imagine a lot of people probably in and out in a few minutes.  In pubs and restaurants it’s counted in hours.

Well said, Michael.  Timing is the key in large measure.

Not to mention museums - I was at the Tate the other day and it's almost empty at the moment, and strictly controlled access.

Accept issues. But in most Stores people to not hang around

Plus there are Safety stations in and out of them

Accept School children can be a issue . I have noticed many fast food stores near schools where there are large numbers of children queuing and chatting awaiting to get their meals 

Plus Bus stops near schools with pavement blocking numbers awaiting buses 

Trouble is No One has All the answers



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