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Hey folks,  I'm looking at properties in the borough and one has come up in Albany Close, N15.  I wondered what the specific area is like in terms of neighbourliness, noise, unsociable behaviour etc?  The walking route from West Green Rd is via Anstey Walk - what is this route like after dark? 

Thanks for any help!


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I've been on Albany Close for 10 years and have never had any problems. I had a young son when we moved in and he played-out in the estate a few weeks later with friends from school. There's a lot of neighbours I'm familiar with to say "hello" to and and couple of dog-walkers I've even briefly chatted with! I have a garden which unfortunately gets foxes at night sometimes..Re..after dark walk, not done it myself. If I'm out, I get off the tube at Seven Sisters and get a cab to West Green Primary. 

Anstey Walk is a but dubious at night. Some of the local gangs/dealers loiter on the stairwell at the edge of the estate because they can control access and see the police coming. There's also a few alcies sitting around in the kids park at night. But the area is being gentrified and west green road is on the up. 

Any property investor will always tell you never to buy near an estate. It's sound advice. 

I don't know it that well but have walked through it any number of times and it always seems fine. My only real memory is of the weird garages that aren't big enough for cars.

I must have walked through Anstey Walk many times after dark and it doesn't stick out in my mind at all so I'd guess there's no real issues with it. There's also plans for a big new development right next to it so I imagine that will result in a bit of gentrification.

If you did want to avoid Anstey Walk there's a cut through (Hallam Rd) to Stanley Road.

You know whst the plans are??

I'm not sure if there's anything definitive yet. This is the website



All those flats but no new health centre....

Yes, there is. West Green Surgery will be moving in the coming months from it’s current site to a new & larger, purpose built venue on Green Lanes.

Interesting. Thanks. That's the one I'm registered at.

It's only when one of the other posters mentioned Stanley Rd that I realised it was close, ahhh that's the rd.  Used that cut through hundreds of times, during summer it's very buzzy with kids playing football on the grass.  In winter very quiet but well lit.  It's right next to the playground of SJV Primary / and the outdoor play area so most hours there will be parents or kids around.  Once the new flats go up I think the outdoor drinkers (usually by the benches) will disappear as they will stick out like a sore thumb.  All in all the area around it is pretty safe but I can't say anything about the actual flats, 

Thank you every one!  This is all super helpful advice.  I did not know about the new West Green Rd development.  

We're on Glenwood, so very close. We've been here around 6 years and we haven't had any problems. Lots of children from Chestnuts/West Green/SJV schools  live in Albany close and the surrounding area and all seem to be happy.



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