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Well why not?

Public Art by Joshua Callaghan

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Love it!!!
Yup, like it. There's a campaign for you Liz.
Brilliantly spotted, Liz!
I'm emailing the direct link to some of my Council colleagues.

Some time ago I saw these photos of traffic light boxes painted by artists in Brisbane. The project - Artforce - is an initiative of Brisbane City Council.
Here's another one on Flickr for quilting enthusiasts.
And one I especially like.

I wonder what HoL members think of the general idea - and of these specific examples?
Those examples are wonderful. Wonder if we should write to Richard Branson and ask if Virgin Media would like to promote it on their boxes?
He will just paint a big V on them... I think we should do something ourselves.
Oh no, I don't mean that Virgin do it.
I mean we get them to work with the council, local groups etc as part of their community role
It could be a small pilot in one neighbourhood. But first, do enough neighbours actually like and want it?
you could make it even smaller to give people an idea of what it would look like. Maybe a local school or community group could work with a local artist to create public art on a couple of pieces of street furniture around them. Having created something, people can see 'in action', you could them ask them what they think and whether the idea should be rolled out to the whole neighbourhood.

I'm thinking about a row of cabinets at the the end of Seymour road and how it would be a breath of life to that corner to create some art there. I love seeing art in the open air and would like to see a lot more of it. These ugly pieces of street furniture seem like wonderful blank canvases to me.
HOL - or local residents group could put a bid into "making a difference" and work with the school kids South or North Haringey as a photography project? then manufacture and install them - they look like large stcky backed plastic photo's printed? This could be an activity that HOL of the LCSP could bring to the festival in September?

We did something simular several years ago with Chestnuts school with traffic signage /signs -( All got watered down as a project in the end but - we got something out of it) The kids designed signs / images through a series of workshops and site visits then we (GRA) selected the best ones with LBHC Traffic Management Dept

See enclosed photos - oops well seems I cant upload photos - does not work for me the uploading do da
Liz I will have to e-mail stuff to you hope this is ok

Andy GRA

More photos here
Why not indeed, vastly better than how they look now. I'm guessing the same technology as those wheelie bin covers that some people use (with flowers and stuff). I like Andy's suggestion of applying for a make the difference grant, although would love it even more if Virgin paid up.

And particularly like the idea of starting with those boxes at the bottom of Seymour Road!



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