Harringay online

Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Never sure how many people live in different parts of Our Borough ?

Which does cover a large area and a ever growing population

Aware of size and issues as during my time working for Harinegay

Parks - Finsbury Park

Cleansing - whole Borough

Highways / Environmental Services - whole Borough

Still living in Borough on Noel Park Estate

And do travel through Borough

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Bob the site was established for people living in Harringay (rather than Haringey). However, it's a local site and it seeks to reflect how we live our local lives. So neither the content  nor the membership is restricted to just Harringay.

If people sign-up from Harringay or an immediately neighbouring area, they are approved without question. Beyond that, people are sent a polite email reminding them of the geographical focus of the site and checking their motivation for joining. Many don't respond: of those that do, nine times out of ten they give a logical reason for wanting to joini and are approved.

So, to answer your question, most people are from Harringay, but we do have a good scattering of people from Hornsey, Wood Green, Crouch End and South Tottenham as well as further away. We also have a few members throughout the UK and worldwide.

After learning a few lessons back in 2007-08, we've been largely successful and preventing the join-up of spammers.

Born on the ladder but living in North Devon. Chanced on Hol. Love reading and interacting with the people who use this site. Fascinating how easy I find it to relate to so many of the subjects considering I moved from Harringay 53 years ago. Long may it continue. Andy.

One of the reason I ask, as also on Ward forum Board

Which reports a lot of crime issues

Yet nothing gets mentioned on this Board

Yet well aware similar issues are effecting other areas

Like Andrew I was born in Harringay (Harringay Road) but moved out to Norfolk in 72.  I think it is a wonderful site enabling me to keep my nose in on past memories of "home" and present happenings.   And forever hoping to come across familiar names.  My older Brother in Australia has joined and I often swap bits and pieces with him and our younger Brother in Wales.  Enjoy this site immensely.   Thank you Hugh.



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