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There are lots of new little road signs in Crouch  End. At the moment the centre is just a black rectangle. Does anyone know what they are?

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They're 20 mph signs, they're all over the borough. Some of then are uncovered in Muswell Hill.

I too was puzzled when I saw one in Avenue Road yesterday and didn't remember it in the 'Code' many moons ago when I passed my test

dont they have to do a consultation before they introduce a speed limit. Not that I mind.

Probably, but my own experience of LBH consultations is that they do what they originally decided anyway, not that I mind in this case either.

They did do a consultation. Deadline for comments was months ago.

They're plastered on (but taped over) more and more of the current 30mph roads that will be 20mph roads.

I hope that roads like Wightman Rd -- 20 mph for the last few years but with surveys [e.g. by John D] showing greater than 50% of vehicles speeding -- will also get repeaters. They're being distributed like confetti, and Wightman Road needs reminders more than continually-constipated Green Lanes.

I've emailed Frontline to ask if Wightman Road will get these repeaters - it needs them at least as much as Green Lanes, which now has them.



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