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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Is it me or are the roses in Harringay looking particularly magnificent this year? A walk down the Harringay Passage from Hampden to Warham revealed these beautiful blooms

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How beautiful. I've noticed some lovely ones around N22 as well, but not in my garden where they are a bit mildewy and sad looking.

Here's my Mme Alfred Carriere, romping away despite a severe cutback in the winter.

I have a Gloire de Dijon at the front and an Albertine rambling along the side passage both doing exceptionally well.

I'm not a rose grower so I don't know whether this is normal for roses at this time of year but there are wonderful displays all along the Passage and from front gardens adjoining the Passage that my camera phone really can't do justice to

I think you're right, Liz, it seems to be a particularly good year for many roses. Mine are in full bloom, but getting beaten down by the rain rather frequently.

I think it is a good year. I've had a weedy thing in my garden for about four years now and this is by far its best year. I'd put it the improvement down to the rain as it is in a spot which gets very dry but I am by no means an expert...

They are indeed! The roses in my garden have gone totally bonkers! I'm drunk on roses! Gorgeous! And it's nice that they are 'June roses' again instead of weird aberration early May roses.

Carbon is a 400 parts per million in the atmosphere now, the Day of the Triffids is close...



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