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Starting at Downhills Park cafe, walk along West Green Road, against the LTNs on 14th November.

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I found out earlier today about the meeting at Woodside House on the 14th Nov. People are angry over this imposition and that anger is increasing. I'll be attending. 

It's been HELL in Belmont Road since the scheme came into force.

There is a steady jam queue of traffic stretching for at least one kilometre from the start of Belmont road (West Green Road side). It's constant the whole day, it's never any shorter, resulting in long delays for whoever is travelling, busses delayed and stuck, even emergency vehicles were getting stuck yesterday.

And of course it is disastrous for the residents. This is a small residential road, it's not meant for this level of traffic. There were never more than 5 or 6 cars queuing in the same stretch before.

I hope the walk helps and things can be reconsidered.

The irony of it being a walk 

Agreed. Walking along west green road was bad enough before but walking alongside it, cycling or trying to cross it now is absolutely frightening. Unfortunately it’s become the ITN (Increased Traffic Neighbourhood). 

oh come on! No one ever (EVER) just uses one mode of transport. I'm a cyclist (when I can), ride a mobility scooter,walk and use a car. It's the sensible thing to walk, so we'll walk! And I'm sure there will be other means of protest on that day, too.

If anyone wants to sign the petition against the West Green and Bruce Grove LTN trial and scheme:


The petition against the St Ann's LTN has disappeared from the council's website. I know it's finished but the others that have finished are still visible. The last time I looked before it disappeared it had over 4,500 signatures.

Oh, why would this happen? I thought it said it would run until 31/1/23.

Is it maybe because it reached 5000? On the page it said roughly 5800 people signed.

I emailed them last week to ask where it had gone, but I've not had a reply yet.

Well done  i will be there. This stupidity has to stop. Email our councillors constantly



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