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I'm very disappointed that Harringay Online has yet again been used as a local-ebay, CPZ horror and neil-plumberoe recommendation hub rather than a buzzing commentary on current local politics. So there.

I hope Seema gets a shed-load of votes too.

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Her only qualification above the rest of the Momentum leftovers appears to be her foresight to delete the more  childish, offensive and vulgar posts from social media.

I suppose the previous failed attempts to be selected gave her a bit of a clue. I would prefer that there were a little more diversity in the Council.

Turnout very low. Upset possible?

I thought a low turnout usually favoured Momentum. Fanatics are more likely to vote. Those with a slightly more rounded life often have more reason not to get to the polling station.

Momentum can't get out of bed to do politics away from their keyboards. I don't recognise your description of them as fanatics. Hyperbole?

Anyway, Labour hold, 56%. Well done Seema.

Shame. The state of the parks local to us on their watch have deteriorated rapidly in the last few years.

Yes. This ^^^   parks have become shabby. Young Community service people walking around picking up rubbish.  Couldn't they be apprentice gardeners/maintenance/handy people? Looking after our green spaces. Nurturing. Oh. No one to learn from. 

I do get fed up with people thinking they know what Momentum is. It is not a political party. It is a privately owned list of contacts, proprietor one Jon Lansman. Some local Momentum groups meet and campaign autonomously. The membership do not decide policy. It is not a democratic organisation. If you hate socialists, just say so. If you are a Tory, say so. By all means question Labour policy, but please say which of Labour's progressive policies you disagree with, whether its saving the NHS, having a mass social housing building program, or bringing our public utilities back into public ownership.

A Labour chap knocked on my door here on the  B W farm.  "Said to him "can the Labour party stop greed? He seemed like a nice enough guy.    I actually forgot to vote.        Does it really matter though.  I still won't be able to eat organic food everyday.

I thought the appropriate response would have been one or both of the following:

1. A bucket of water over his head, with suitable threats of violence following.

2. An enquiry as to which class As were available and the current price points.

I did ask the labour canvasser about the previous encumbered and why he thought they could count on my vote? He had the look of a stunned mullet, and of course no answer.  At least Seema wrung her hands and offered an apology when I was door stepped last week.  I did point out it was the first time in 12 years of living in the area that Labour had bothered to knock on my door, and was advised that in the past central party had diverted all local resources to Wood Green to fight a marginal seat there.  Let's see if West Green has had a change of heart over this seat?

It's noted that you "forgot to vote". Shameful.

Noted by who? When did forgetfulness become a shameful act?  Want to vote. Don't want to vote. Forgot to vote. Democracy at its finest.   Have a good day sir. 



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