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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

A pair of unusual long tail type birds were loving it

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Why has this former petrol station site stayed empty now for nearly, what, 5 years?

Part of the big regeneration plan or something to do with TK max I think.

It's nearer 15 years.

What an eyesore

I think it was going to be a Debenhams or a Selfridges but they got cold feet when the financial crash happened, so closer to 8 years John. Shame as that petrol station was open 24/7.

A lot of petrol stations have closed over the last few years. One opposite me on Wightman, another at the exit from the Arena.

I wish it was because people are driving less. But living off West Green Road and Green Lanes I know that's not the case.

I'd guess the birds were Grey Wagtails?

Yes maybe, I don't remember much yellow but the grey seems right.

I wonder if the Moselle culvert, which runs underneath this site, has become breached. If so, it would be good to plant a reedbed to filter the water and make it cleaner downstream in Lordship Rec!

I think you could guerrilla garden away, no one seems to car about it at all. Anything lobbed over wrapped with enough soil will have a good chance of taking because there is so much water.

Alternatively, shimmy over in yellow jackets and clip boards and hard hats and plant away.

Reed beds need maintenance though ....



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