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Love reading and enjoy an afternoon tipple? The Green Lanes Book club is for you! We would welcome new members to our current gang of 4 locals who meet every 6 weeks or so in the Salisbury pub on a Sunday afternoon.

Our next meeting is Sunday July 10th at 4pm in The Salisbury, we are reading The Promise by Damon Galgut, last year's Booker prize winner.

Please get in touch if you'd like to join us 


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Hi Kerrie, I’d love to join a local book club!  I’ll send you a connection request.

Would like to join too!

Hello! I wondered if this book club is still running? I'd love to join in the new year if so. Thanks :)

Hello I’m also keen to join if it’s still running as just moved to Effingham Road so the Salisbury is my local. Thanks Anita 

We'd be happy to welcome you Anita, I'll let you know the date of the next meeting. We haven't chosen a book yet but as soon as we do I'll let you know :)

Merry Christmas


Thank you Kerrie that’s wonderful have a very happy christmas

Hi Kerri,

If there is still space, I would like to join as well.

The more the merrier Mags! I'll be in touch in the new year with the book and a date

Merry Christmas, Kerrie



Me too please!! Although I just noticed this is a resurrected thread so not sure if still relevant.. 

You too J!

I'll be in touch in the new year with the book and a date

Merry Christmas, Kerrie

Hi I would like to join too please if possible



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