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Just bought a house at auction, a white knuckle ride to be sure:

We have completely gutted the small kitchen and need some reliable

gas safe builders to do a small job for us of replastering, moving electrics

and a boiler upstairs widening the kitchen door etc

Can anyone recommend a builder who would be up for doing this

relatively small job? 

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We used this guy http://www.ratedpeople.com/profile/sev-plumbing-and-heating/ to fit a new boiler and couldn't recommend him highly enough.   Although he's not listed as a builder per se, he may be able to help.

In our case, to remove the old boiler (due to some lack of foresight by the previous owners) we had to break down a part of the wall in our kitchen and rewire some electrics.  Sev is a Gas Safe registered Polish bloke, and for the rebuilding/re-tiling the wall and the electrics, he got a couple of other Polish guys to help him.   The work was first class, done at the weekend, and about £1000 cheaper than any other quote we'd received.  If you call, tell him Ian from Green Lanes recommended him!   Good luck.

I can heartily recommend RT Builders & Decorators (formerly called London Capital Painters) - plenty of recommendations in the link below too. Radek's contact details are 07912891266 / radektober@gmail.com 


I'd heartily recommend Rob Murray, after getting recommendations from another thread on HoL.  He recently complete a check on our boiler and fixed a leak we didn't know about - courtesy of the general builders of our kitchen extension.  I'd say use a specialist for the gas work and get a builder for the rest, recommendations atatched below - cheers

If they can't squeeze you in for a while (as they couldn't when I called) try Rob, an independent guy. His company is called RJM and his number is 07803 014181. Very nice, professional guy who will text you in a year's time to let you know it's time for another service. I got his number from here and was very happy with him.

Rob Murray on 0780 301 4181 is excellent. Very nice guy, standard rates, does a top job and has performed miracles to keep our ancient boiler going these past few years and improve its running.      Rob Murray 07803 014181 did a great job on my boiler in November. He's recommended on lots of the other threads which is how I found him.I don't know if he does fires or not.                                       I'll second Rob Murray   the best plumber in the world...  probably



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