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I help at a small project called Baisekel based at the church on Mattison Road. We restore and service bicycles mainly for asylum seekers who have very little funds for transport and who often need to sign on at police stations and the Home Office etc to meet their obligations. Most of our bikes are distributed by the Red Cross. We rely on donations of bicycles which are no longer needed or wanted and am hoping some people here will be able to contribute some. They should be in some kind of reasonable condition but we are not too fussy! We have a small grant funding but not enough to provide items like pumps and locks, so any donations of these would also be welcome(many of our clients cant afford to buy locks and few have secure places to leave their bikes) Get in touch or see us at the Finsbury Park Bike Fair 


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I have one. Do I take it to Mattison Road?

Hi thanks!

If you can take it to the church today before 4.30 today yes. Jeremy is there today (07749419252) Normally we are there Monday and Tuesday 1400-1830 just not today! The door is to the side entrance to the left of the church and if you can make it today, call or text Jeremy as someone has to come and unlock the door as the bell alerts the staff at the night shelter so we prefer not to bother them. For general enquiries of if you need the bike collected if you can't make today or don't want to leave it till next week, please call/text me on 07958975495

Popping up there now. Sent Jeremy a text. 

Thanks that is brilliant!

Got some spare pumps and possibly some other bits too. Can you make use of older bike components like caliper brakes, quill stems and handlebars?

Got lots of old spares from old bikes but pumps are welcome. Decent tubes/tyres always good. 

Are you in touch with the similar Bike Project in hackney? http://thebikeproject.co.uk/



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