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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Ther photographer was Wightman Road based, but I don't think this is St Paul's. Can you identify the church?

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I think it's St Benet Fink near Lordship Rec

Not St Benet Finks, the door hinges are different and building angle wrong

Nor is it St. Mary's Parish Church, the one that is no longer there.

I'll see if anyone at St. Paul's recognises it as another local church. But yes, not the old St. Paul's.  Not sure of the timings, but could it be the old Holy Trinity Stroud Green?

could it be Willoughby road methodist

Could be Willoughby but how about the Baptist Church in Green Lanes - by Alison Road?

Could it be Christ Church, Waldeck Road, was near Turnpike Lane

Pretty sure this is St Mark's Church, Noel Park - the entrance near Gladstone Avenue just before the roundabout with Ashley Crescent.


Yes, everything matches, the door proportions, the brickwork, the sloping ground and the position of the tree behind - well spotted.

You could be right because that door was always used for wedding couples to leave the church, only time I ever saw it used, so they went through a different door from the one they entered into their new life

Looks convincing to me. Well done that lady. Your cheque for £100,000 is in the post!



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