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Quilt Club 7 Sisters (the Quilt House people) are starting a big new project for the youth group of an aerial dance company. We're making a quilted patchwork wall approx 20m x 5m for the group to dance on (You read that right, they dance on the wall using rigging and harnesses).

For ethical and environmental reasons and because we're doing it for free, we want to use recycled fabric. So if you have fabric, you're decluttering and you want to avoid landfill, please think of us. A small rip or a tea stain doesn't matter, we can cut around them.

One panel around 5m square will be hand dyed with indigo, for this we need white cotton such as sheets and duvet covers. Another will be patterned and multi coloured and there will be a monochrome texture panel. There's going to be reflective patches as well. Basically we can use any type of fabric more than around 30 x 30 cm.

We can collect locally, you are also welcome to come along to a free Wednesday workshop 

More about Quilt Club here: 


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Hello. ...I have quite a lot of lovey fabric that I have been meaning to sort out and give away. So I would be willing to donate some to your project. However I am decorating my flat at the moment and have little time and energy to do anything else at the end of the day. How urgently do you need it?


We're working on ideas and small scale samples at the moment, so March/ April would be fine if that suits you.

Wow - the quilt house looks amazing! That completely passed me by, would love to have seen it.

It was amazing! We had a big party to celebrate. Hopefully Quilt Club will do another outdoor project soon, there's all sorts of interesting proposals floating around.

Funnily enough,  I have just had a kingsize white cotton duvet cover rip in the wash.  I was trying to work out whether to mend it but I am happy to donate. I'm sure I could find some other fabric too. 

That would be great! 

Hey, I have a big bag of fabric you can have, it's a destash of lots of different types from a costume company and has been living under my bed for some time. You are very welcome to it if it will be suitable. Drop me a message to discuss?

Hi Emma, I've sent you a connection request

Hi, I have a white double duvet cover you can have. The project sounds great I will try and come along to one of the Wednesday sessions and will bring it with me

It would be great to see you, Eade Studios are just behind New River Studios off Eade Rd. There should be a pin on Google maps showing Quilt Club there.

  • Hello, if you still need fabric I have some white cotton bedding, some cotton curtains and some other navy curtains. I can send you a photo to see if any is suitable. Apologies for not getting in touch sooner!

thanks KT, I've messaged you with a connection request



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