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I would like to encourage the kids at North Harringay Primary School to knit by running a stall at the summer fair on 26 June, so I am looking for any oddments of wool that you have and any knitting needles. All help welcomed, no matter how small.


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I've got some wool you can have Yvonne. I'll send you a message so you can let me know how to get it to you.
Thanks for this generous offer Alison. I will find a way of marking your needles.

Hi Yvonne. I've also got oddments of wool and needles. Message me and I'll bring it round.

Not sure what you're planning with the kids, but I'm on with a knitting project at the mo doing squares to make into a blanket for my campervan. I'm getting all the patterns from this site. Might be useful for kids?
Thanks for the tip. I was thinking of us making a series of squares to form a blanket as they are easy starters and the final article is always rich in textures and colours.
Sorry forgot to send the message. Please accept me as a friend and then I can send you a message.
I have wool you can have. Let me know how to get it to you.
No needles I'm afraid.
Thanks Caroline. I will send you a message so that we can sort something out.
Hi Caroline
I am trying to send you a message but need you to accept me first.
Hi - I've done that now.
Hey Yvonne - Carol here. I've got a big bag of yarn and a few pairs of needles left over from that thing we did at the Green Fair last year. You can definitely have all of that. There might even be a few 'how to knit' leaflets left that you could hand out too. Might be knitting next week as this week is half term - can you come along Tues? You could have it then, or whenever is convenient.

For needles, it's worth enquiring at charity shops, as they sometimes keep them behind the counter. Have you tried Ravelry? That's where I got all the stuff I had last year.

ETA: finally got it to post here...
Hi Carol I was hoping that you would be providing some support on the day as well as materials. I have posted on Freecycle and Ravelry and got 1 reply to both. Will tell you more when I see you next. Let me know about knitting.
Hi Yvonne,

I've got some odds and ends of yarn as well. Let me know how to get it to you.




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