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Hello there.

I'm a resident with Autism doing daily art therapy to help manage my condition and reduce the need for medication. I have been offered an exhibition for Art For Autism with my 20 paintings which are A3 size. I never imagined being able to exhibit my work before, but I don't have ANY frames. Being on limited means, I can't see how to afford a bundle of them in such a short time. Does anyone have a glass picture frames they can give me? I can come and collect.

I would be very grateful for any help as it's a wonderful chance to exhibit these paintings.

The pictures I am wanting to exhibit can be found here: http://patricksamuel.net/

Kind wishes,


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Hi Patrick.

You are a very talented artist. Sadly I have no frames to offer you but have you tried the Alice Hoffman Foundation http://www.hoffmannfoundation.org.uk/#&slider1=3 . They are an Autistic art charity and may be able to help you with framing your painting. If you need any more help please do get in touch.


Hello Ben, oh wow - I hadn't heard about them before - thank you so much for this information, I am going to check them out right now :) Very grateful for this!

Kind wishes,



You're welcome. Let me know how you get on. Good luck.
Hello. There's some frames on freexyxle right now

Camden/Kentish town group



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