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Hi all,

I am not going to use these three things in conjunction with each other... but I've just bundled them all in to one post for ease. Thought it would be worth asking the good people of Harringay:

  1. Does anyone have a jig saw (tool, not puzzle) that I might be able to borrow for a day? I need to cut a doorway in a shed wall. They're not too expensive so I could buy one, but I don't think I'll use it more than once, so I thought I'd check here first.
  2. I've been searching for bread flour for about a week and can't find any. Was just wondering if anyone had any sitting in a cupboard from Before Corona, that they don't think they'll use and that I could buy?
  3. Gravel. I just wondered if it was the kind of thing anyone might have left over/getting in the way after a garden makeover? it's for a garden path. Happy to pay the going rate for it.

We would of course arrange safe distance, non-contact pick up of any of these.

Thanks, hope you're all doing okay.


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I'm in! will WhatsApp you 

I have a jig saw somewhere downstairs you can lend. Message me.

Hi Tom, we have some gravel down the side of our house that was randomly dumped in our wheelie bin a few weeks ago, the binmen wouldn't take it - yours for free if its useful I'm not sure its the cleanest or best quality but might do you -  I think there is some slate in their too... Connect if interested...

Thanks Jackie have sent you a connection request

Update: picked up flour from Amit's doorstep this morning and my starter has been well fed.

Harringay Online always delivers, thanks everyone.

Harringay Local Store has flour back in now. Also Aksu further up Green Lanes has strong white flour.



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