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Wanted for school project: donations of gardening tools, bulbs and bedding plants

My son's school has started a gardening club. If you have any trowels, small forks or similar small gardening tools, spare bulbs or bedding plants that you don't need they would love them and put them to excellent use. I can collect! Drop me a message here or text me on 07792495222.

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I have a rhubarb, 2 gooseberries and some starwberries that you could have....

Let me know.

That's great, thank you. I'm certain they'll make use of them. Could I collect them this weekend?

Hi there!

You and or your son's school can register with @ilovefreegle.org the UK online non-profit voluntary recycling/reuse charity. Freegle means 'Free Giving Locally Easily' there are several groups in your area - I run the Enfield group with over 12,000 members offering and/or requesting just about anything so long as it's Free & Legal. Members arrange mutually convenient times for safe pick up of items offered. My group have two or three local schools registered and several teachers to get resources they need absolutely free. There's a free App to download - You/They can register with as many local groups as they can reach to pick things up. There's no buying/selling/borrowing or lending just Give or Take  I've personally given away lots of garden stuff to schools doing the Green Flag awards. You can even ask for soil if the school are growing in pots. Hope that helps 



Enfield Freegle Team Leader



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