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Wanted: Can I borrow your Mac laptop charger this afternoon?

My husband David left his Mac charger at work in Cambridge.  If he can borrow it this afternoon, it would save a trip to Cambrige and back.  I think the charger is called MAG safe 1.  Please private mail me if you have one available.  He is on a bicycle, so he can fetch it at yours if you are in or near Harringay.

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Last time I did this I bought a spare power cord from one of the stores on Green Lanes (an actual official Apple one, but I'm sure there are plenty of non-official ones). Can't remember the name of the store but is is down the south end, a few streets from Harringay Green Lanes station on the east side (& does mobile phone repair too.) Cheaper than a return ticket to Cambridge, I would imagine. And you can keep one at home and one at work.

Oh that would be good, as my husband seems to think it costs fortune. 
So, do you say the store is somewhere in between Harringay Green Lane Station and Manor House Station or not that south?  Say, somewhere between the HGL station to Salisbury Pub?

It might well cost a fortune, but depending on how much his time is worth it might be better value in the end than going back to Cambridge. I've found the place on Google street map: it is Ranj Telecom, right at the traffic lights here.

(Though I knew someone who worked at Cambridge who once in desperation got on a train simply in order to get enough time away from students, email, colleagues etc to mark a PhD thesis. So, if he's got the kind of job that involves marking PhD theses, perhaps the trip to Cambridge and back is a better use of his time.)

Yes, he is in that sort of profession, where he benefits from the time on train without email and any external input though not marking per se, but I reckon he is quite desperate for the juice likely to go flat without the cord on the train.  Thanks for the info, worth a try.  He now seems to think he may be also able to scrounge one at his desk swap arrangement at UCL, which would work as well.

Fastec ,corner mattison road on green lanes will sell a good copy for a few squid

Thanks, Tigha, he has managed to get one at £30 on the Green Lanes at most likely one of the two you and Tullie mentioned.  Many thanks for the idea - I would not have thought they would have something like that.  You never know about the Green Lanes! 

Hi Kotoko, I work with a Mac, if you ever need the charger again please let me know, I'm generally working from home. I'll DM you my number in case. - Cosette

Ah, thanks, Cosette, nice to know that there is a back up! 



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