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Am thinking of having my floorboards sanded in my living room. However before this I would like to have them taken up so some form of insulation can be put down underneath.

Has anyone had this work done? Could you recommend an appropriate tradesman/woman?


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John on 07949883742 can do it. I know him for a long time, reliable!

We did the insulation stage of this ourselves.

We looked at a lot of different insulation options, and went for hemp between two breathable membranes slung between joists. The hemp squishes in and stops drafts better than the rigid, foil-lined stuff. You need to pay attention to the gap between floorboards and skirting boards to stop all the drafts, though (something we didn't do).


  Hi Jenny, I have recently insulated a complete house and in this case I renewed the flooring because it was being covered with carpet upstairs and laminate downstairs. If you are not yet suited I would be be happy to meet with you to discuss the work and give you a quote. I can also show you the other job if interested. You can reach me on 07747160027, Thanks.

have a word with kevin, ( N & J Building services you can call him on 07868553813) very good and helpfull.




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