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**Still looking**

Hi there,

Does anyone have a couple of folding lightweight tables I could borrow for a few days around fri 4 - Sat 5th Dec?

I'm based in Seymour Road so nearby would be handy.

Thank you!

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Hi Sophie, I have a couple of lightweight camping tables you could borrow. They're not very large though. What size do you need?

Thanks Tosh, tbh open to whatever is available really. Do you have a photo or should I pop over to take a look sometime?

Hi Sophie, Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I now realise what you want them for, and I don't think these camping tables will be robust enough (easily knocked over as very light). The only thing I can offer is an old plastic pasting table which is approx 6 x 2 feet. It's quite heavy though.

Hey, No worries, the pasting table sounds ideal. I'll message you :)

I have a couple of tables you can borrow.

hi there is your lending offer transferrable? we are getting a new kitchen fitted and are currently sans table and the living room has been turned into a kitchen... do you have a folding table we could borrow for a week or two? cheers 

I have sent you a connection request.



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