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We have a few cracks in the walls of our property which I assumed were settlement cracks but one has widened and grown over the summer (pic attached) so am concerned it may be subsidence-related. I have a quote from a very good structural engineer but the cost of him doing a survey is nearly £2000! In the first instance, I was hoping someone could have a look and do a less thorough survey just so we could know whether it's anything sinister. Perhaps that's not possible but if anyone has any advice and/or can recommend someone, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Emma,

Have sent a connection request

Thanks Adam.

Hi Emma,

Are you living anywhere near the Gospel Oak-Barking line? Vibration FX seem to have increased lately - back to the old levels around 2012.


Hi Liz, no, we're near Turnpike Lane. Thanks though!

Hi Emma

Have you checked whether your building insurance covers subsidence?  Insurers can send out an engineer, which may work out much cheaper in the long run.

Good idea Jane. Thank you. I hadn't thought of that.

I read somewhere - I think Guardian Money - that someone ended up with a higher premium on their insurance because they hired a surveyor through their insurance company - like some sort of subsidence warning, even though it was found to be nothing.

I can't find the article but I remember thinking at the time to never to ask my home insurance company to investigate what might be problem.

I could be dreaming it or going mad but maybe check that before phoning. Maybe it was just a rouge insurance company which is why it was in the consumer champions section (I think). I am sorry my memory is rubbish.

I hope all is ok. 

Thanks Lou, I think I saw something similar somewhere! I'm not sure what to do as I feel if I get a private survey done and don't tell the insurers they may claim further down the line that I haven't been upfront with them. But equally, I don't want to end up with the scenario you describe, especially if it doesn't need major work! Thanks again.

We have confirmed subsidence which is being handled by our insurers. If you think it would help, PM me ... I can send you a photo of our subsidence crack for comparison  and tell you about the process as we have experienced it. 

Thanks Jane, that would be so helpful if you have time. Would really appreciate it. Will PM you.

Yes, I think so too, sadly! Good article, thank you.



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