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Just back from our local Tottenham polling station.   Council staff with their cheery welcomes in the otherwise almost empty hall.  Me and two other voters seemed to be the noon rush.
I was initially confused by the long varicoloured voting slips to be posted in three boxes.
Remember "Instructions for the Zero Gravity Toilet" in the film 2001?

But any foolish temptation  by me to give a vote to Count Binface vanished when I heard from a family member that the dreadful Susan Hall was only ten points behind in the latest polling.

Whichever Party  agreed to removing Proportional voting from the Mayoral ballot are shameful vote-rigging cheats.

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Why are the results taking so long ?

Apparently verification today (Friday) and counting tomorrow.

More on the process here and here.

Many thanks Gordon T.

A big cheer for the person who comes along and helpfully ;points out that the answers are set out on webpages.
Of course we did get a free booklet about the election. Maybe the information was in there at the back. I confess I never did finish reading it. (Yeah, okay,  never even got a quarter way through.)

And maybe there's a case for everyone reading "How to Rig an Election" by Nic Cheeseman and Brian Klaas.

How can you have proportional voting for a mayor? It's always first past the post. Or do you mean the old second choice system?

The old Supplementary Vote (SV) system did at least try to achieve a broader base and engage more people.
See Electoral Reform Society

The low turnouts may be seen as apathy  or perhaps they should be read as a lack of confidence in these systems. After all, why bother  to walk down the road and vote if the system is in practice stitched-up?  Which some formal democracies and party systems may have become.


P.S. If you haven't seen it you might like ;to read an excerpt from the late Peter Mair's book "Ruling the Void".



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