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Just confirmed by the Council:

Alexandra Park: 50.69%
Bounds Green: 37.41%
Bruce Castle: 25.43%
Crouch End: 45.08%
Fortis Green: 45.41%
Harringay: 37.22%
Hermitage & Gardens: 30.02%
Highgate: 40.06%
Hornsey: 39.93%
Muswell Hill: 47.36%
Noel Park: 27.34%
Northumberland Park: 25.83%
Seven Sisters: 28.33%
South Tottenham: 26.81%
St Ann's: 24.80%
Stroud Green: 35.20%
Tottenham Central: 20.04%
Tottenham Hale: 20.37%
West Green: 21.48%
White Hart Lane: 20.93%
Woodside: 22.19%

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Just out of interest , did anyone meet any of the candidates in St Anne’s ?? 
im thinking on the door step /election trail, NOT in the party selection meetings.

I did. They were out campaigning for weeks ahead of selection. I never saw Julie Davies or Mike Hakata though. I suspect this may be where they went wrong, not knocking on members’ doors.

I wasn’t really asking about party members and candidate selection votes, but as you bought it up, - it’s the only place a vote actually means anything.
Carol, could you let us know how many votes the candidates got to be selected as candidates??

I’d find that an interesting comparison - selection vote numbers against election votes.

I’m afraid I can’t remember the numbers off the top of my head, though they may be posted elsewhere. There were roughly 60 members (maybe fewer) in the meeting. I believe Holly Harrison Mullane got a substantial majority over Julie Davies in the women’s ballot. Tammy Hymas received 35-40 votes from memory.

I’m not in Momentum, never have been. The room wasn’t packed, there was no stitch up (I know you haven’t said this but I know from other posts about this meeting that this is the belief of some people who were not there on this forum).

Happy to answer more questions if you’ve got any.

Thanks for the info Carol. 

Carol --

I was also at the meeting and also can't remember the exact number of votes, but I think you're broadly correct. As to whether Momentum packed the meeting, all I'd add is that there were, from memory, around 45 members at the short-listing meeting and around 60 or so at the actual selection meeting. Now whether the extra 15 were all supporters of the selected candidates/Momentum members I've no way of knowing, nor do I know what proportion of the total ward membership was represented, but it's presumably possible that the extrta bodies at the selection meeting was what got the candidates over the line in any case.

Apologies, Carol, if you already know this. Many Hol members won't.

There are supposedly strict Labour Party rules about when Labour members are allowed a copy of a ward's membership list in order to seek support in the councillor selection process.  This is partly to try to ensure fairness; and partly because of the GDPR General Data Protection Regulation.

In Summary:
A member will only get the ward membership list a few days (maybe not more than a week) before the selection meeting.

If anyone on HoL wants to know how the Labour Party approves the "pool" of potential candidates from whom local ward branches can select, I can write up the steps in the process and post this as background information.

The process is neither foolproof, nor rogue-proof.  It's certainly nor greed-proof. Nor does it deter gigantic egos whose magic mirror shows them as Mayors, Lords, Barons, Baronesses, Tsars. And yes, even as actually honest.

Such powerful magic no Aladdin's Genie Lamp ever did. As I imagine will be clear if and when there are Labour Group elections for Leader and Deputy Leader.

Holly & Tammy will have found out I was a member when I told them. Perhaps I misspoke about knocking on members’ doors.

Ahh , that’s what I wanted to know Carol. Thank you. 
maybe Im just always out when the candidates (all parties) are doorstepping. 

Actually, Alan, I’ve said that they were campaigning for weeks, but I asked my son about it, and he reckons it was in fact about a week. Memory not what it was etc.

From the Darkest Heights of Wightman Road, thank you Karen, David & Ryan for making the effort to glean our votes and for being visible outside Election Week. Clearly, Gina, Zena & the very alphabetically endowed Anna Aurora Abela didn't want to bother us old codger & codgeress in our lofty dotage,  trusting that most of the more literacy-challenged would not get past the first names on the candidate list. Roll on 2026. 


I think I knocked on your door. If I remember rightly, you have steep and rather narrow steps and a metal handrail. Am I right? Can't remember the number but have a clear recollection of knocking on your door. I would be very happy to meet up with you. Just say where and when is convenient.

Best wishes


Zena Brabazon
Cllr, Harringay ward



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