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Just confirmed by the Council:

Alexandra Park: 50.69%
Bounds Green: 37.41%
Bruce Castle: 25.43%
Crouch End: 45.08%
Fortis Green: 45.41%
Harringay: 37.22%
Hermitage & Gardens: 30.02%
Highgate: 40.06%
Hornsey: 39.93%
Muswell Hill: 47.36%
Noel Park: 27.34%
Northumberland Park: 25.83%
Seven Sisters: 28.33%
South Tottenham: 26.81%
St Ann's: 24.80%
Stroud Green: 35.20%
Tottenham Central: 20.04%
Tottenham Hale: 20.37%
West Green: 21.48%
White Hart Lane: 20.93%
Woodside: 22.19%

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Thank you Zena for this response. I believe you're right and I'm wrong. We were obviously out when you called. You were going to get my vote (on a 2-1 split) until young Ryan Mercer called again a few days ago and persuaded me. However, as in the past four years, you'll be representing us all again and I'm glad of that. I'm sure Anna Abela's high vote share was not just because of the alphabet. Sorry about the steep steps - they're not so narrow but there are eleven of them. Any fewer wouldn't reach the front door!

Eddie F

Thanks to everyone for being so decent and tolerant during the election campaign. We canvassed every road and knocked on hundreds of doors. Many people were often ready to discuss issues and to share their observations about the ward and, of course, the council. 

I will be at my surgery next Saturday at the TCCA, 628 Green Lanes, from 11am - midday. I hold these on the second Saturday of every month. You can also email me at  zena.brabazon@haringey.gov.uk


Zena Brabazon
Cllr, Harringay ward

Congratulations, Zena. It is good to see a proper and hardworking Labour councillor retained and for someone new like Ms Abela to come onto the scene.

What were the top 5 local issues people raised with you during your campaign and what are the top 5 local changes you and Ms Abela intend to make in Harringay Ward?

Thank you Brian. To answer your first question:

The top issues raised on the doorstep were all to do with traffic and the impact on our environment. Parking and customer services were raised many times and I have already followed this up with the officers. People were very frank and I appreciated that and followed up. I can't say this will change immediately, but I did respond and I am clear this is a huge issue.

Other issues related to the environment -  air quality and pollution; improving conditions for cycling; the state of some Ladder roads (for example, Hewitt, Allison and  Beresford, especially regarding pavements which have been tarmacked); Wightman Road and plans for dealing with the impact of the St Ann's LTN. People also raised drug dealing in the ward, anti-social behaviour and policing, and in particular in Harringay Passage; tree roots which, having walked the entire ward several times over the last few weeks I  can see are a big problem.  Licensing, noise, HMOs are also issues on the doorstep. Our ward has at least 350 licensed HMOs.

People raise all sorts of things - it was nice to hear someone praise our investment in libraries and early years provision; and I think people were very pleased to hear we have a no cuts budget, with investment of £6.5m into children's social care for example. Our commitment to a new youth centre in Wood Green, opening this summer, was really welcomed. These are just some examples. 

Of course, people did raise the planned investment  to restore our Grade 2 listed Civic Centre. This is a capital scheme and, to set the record straight, is a separate budget from the revenue budget. 

Top five local changes. These are from me. I will talk to my colleagues about this but wanted to give you  something to go on!

1. To see more resident involvement and participation in local issues. 

I can't make that happen by myself, but I  really welcome it as I think we will get more achieved. I work closely with the Ladder Community Safety Partnership on crime, environment, planning and enforcement issues and have found that joint working really positive.  Ian Sygrave and I really pressed the police for more officers and to focus on the drug dealing. We met the police together and just kept on. We did achieve some success which we need to sustain.  Same goes for working with  Harringay Ladder Healthy Living Streets who have built up a strong and active membership. We need this as we work together on the Harringay Ladder Transport Project now underway, so we get the best outcomes for our ward  from all the ideas and research. 

2. Regarding the Harringay ward traffic and transport project (consultation should be starting imminently now the electing is over) I would like it to include the state of the pavements, provision of more bike hangars and the timetable for school streets for North and South Harringay Schools alongside the bigger overarching issues of Green Lanes and Wightman Road.  

2. I think having a local forum for both Fairland and Ducketts Common would be good to ensure they are looked after and have resources. I know there are Friends' groups but I think we might need to build on them.

3. I have been to Mountview Court several times, and I really would like to see investment in the stairwells and the grounds. Having a lively tenants' and residents' association would really help in campaigning. 

4. More local engagement in responding to planning and licensing applications. Licensing is an issue in Harringay ward and we now incorporate both sides of Green Lanes. Applications only go to the committee if there are objections, and keeping on top of it all is sometimes difficult. I will object as ward councillor, but if residents are concerned, you do need to submit an objection,  and, if things go wrong once a license is granted ( which does happen) then having residents come forward to say what is going on is very important to get things changed. I would like to see us really have more engagement with enforcement officers as there are many issues in the ward related to enforcement of standards HMOs, noise ASB etc. Regarding planning, to ensure we are on top of HMO applications, as the ward is designated a family protection zone!

5. The council does not  provide transport as you know, but if we did , I would like to have a hoppa bus on route which includes Wightman and Ladder roads. I think a small local bus would really help older people, people with disabilities and everyone really. It might contribute to reducing car use, but that would have to come from Transport for London. 

You asked for five, but one more - as part of our current investment n Turnpike Lane, to sort out the entrance to Harringay Passage. This has been raised by residents, and I have it on my  'to advocate for' list.

Best wishes


Zena Brabazon

Cllr, Harringay ward

Well actually that is seven. And I like them all. Looks like a sound agenda to me. Thanks for taking the time to lay it out and best of luck.

Will you run in St St Ann's next time? Please.

Congratulations Zena. For the first time in my life I voted Labour - not for the Party but for you .

I'm not so much bothered by whether a councillor is Momentumized, as whether they have the experience, and the bottle to stand up for their constitutents where necessary - and not see their job as defenders of the officers against the customers. Haringey Labour has promised to work by co-production - in other words, doing things WITH, not TO, the community. And if they stick to this promise, even though the officers may find it challenging ... well that will truly be revolutionary - in a good way.

Hi Andy H
The point you make about Se-lection and E-lection is crucial here. A small selectorate picks two or three people from an approved list and that determines Labour's candidates. Yes, it's a system I myself benefited from for sixteen years as a councillor. I also helped to run it.

But times have changed and I think it's right to take a fresh look at the fairness and openness of this system. Asking whether or not it's in the best interests of Tottenham residents and indeed all Haringey residents.

Why wouldn't it be?  Well, suppose we looked at Labour selections as a way of hiring two or three of its local members for a crucial task. The job of councillor for a 4-year contract? Then consider that a small bunch of people choose candidates based on:

●  A written statement anybody could have drafted
● A few minutes of short speeches
● A few prearranged questions?
● This time all on Zoom so was everyone even in the UK? Never mind London?

Even the little learned from this event is kept secret from voters. Why not publish each of the successful candidates' written statements? And their short speeches and answers to questions?  Wouldn't it be nice if every resident was allowed to read these - in effect - job applications?

C'mon guys, agree to stick with just a little more honesty, openness,  integrity and all the other Nolan stuff.  Before asking the "What Will you give me if I vote for you?  bargain hunting.

Because I assume that some Labour cllrs are now asking colleagues to elect them TO BE something important. Like Leader, Mayor, Cabinet member etc.  Why can't Haringey residents see these bigger "job applications" too?  After all, residents help pay for councillors' allowances. It's residents who lose when many millions are wasted.

It's bad for Labour and bad for Haringey that there's now a shrinking number of opposition councillors. The winners-take-all, first-past-the-post-system probably leads to a "Why bother?" voter cynicism.  In some of the poorest wards turnout falls near 20%. Apathy and ignorances? Or hard headed realism?

It's not entirely about councillor numbers. To me the LibDem leadership seemed pretty useless for the last four years.  Especially the first three years of the Ejiofor disaster. There was so much incompetence and so many scandals not ruthlessly and effectively investigated and exposed.
I exclude former LibDem Cllr Bob Hare from this criticism. He helped expose for example the Smurfie Syco episode. Still a scandal as nobody knows "nuffink".

Just as we seem no closer to the truth about Alexandra House and other dubious property deals. And to the highly niffy Love Lane residents' ballot.
Is there someone who can try setting the Nolan Principles to music?. Maybe the tune of Twelve Days of Christmas? 
On the fifth day of the New Council let us all agree

A problem is the Strong Leader and Cabinet brought in by, I think, Tony Blair and his minister from the north-east, Hilary Armstrong. It replaced the cumbersome but more democratic and transparent Committee system in local government. And lest we forget, the first Strong Council Leader was the Leader of Newcastle City Council, one T Dan Smith. Certainly strong - he knocked down much of Georgian Newcastle - but corrupt - he conspired with Tory ministers and property developers and ended up in jail. "Our Friends in the North" TV series was based on him.

Under the "Strong Leader" and their cabinet, you get a siezeable cash salary in return for loyalty to the leader. And it is incredibly difficult for members outside that group to find out or do anything about decisions until too late, as no doubt Alan, you know well.

@Straw Cat: "As no doubt Alan, you know well."

Interesting question. As a councillor some of us knew, or maybe guessed, what dodginess was going on. And who was dodgy. Sometimes we were wrong and the people turned out to be making the right decision for the the right reason. Sometimes when they made a wrong decision it turned out they were simply gullible; someone else's patsy; or a stupid person making a stupid judgement.

Cllr Julie Davies recalling her teaching experience, told me she often heard:
       "Some other boys did it and ran away.
                    - Or-
       "A big girl made me do it."

That could apply to other boroughs as well as Haringey.

P.S. Have you read the poetry of Donald Rumsfeld ?  This is the most famous.

"The Unknown
    As we know,
   There are known knowns.
   There are things we know we know.
   We also know
   There are known unknowns.
   That is to say
   We know there are some things
   We do not know.
   But there are also unknown unknowns,
  The ones we don’t know
  We don’t know."

—Feb. 12, 2002, Department of Defense news briefing
Source: Slate Magazine

PPS, As I seem to recall T. Dan Smith both protested his innocence and pleaded guilty. In Haringey they are all innocent, "all honourable men."

Hi Alan, 

I’m not complaining about how a party elect’s its candidates. ( tho the numbers are interesting) You join the party and they have rules. 
but your right about candidates pitching a job application, which is why I’d like to see a bit more effort from all parties to meet the electorate. They are , after all, pitching for a job.
Come and say hello y’all!  

Alan -- While agreeing with the gist of your comments, I'd say that in St Ann's the potential questions to candidates in the selection meeting were all put forward by members on the night, then three were selected by the rep from Labour Central who was running the meeting, with an option given for anyone to query his choice or add others, before they were put to all the candidates individually in the same way. Now it's possible that the questions were all decided by supporters of the successful candidates beforehand, but the choice of which ones to put (which seemed reasonable and mostly along the lines of "what do you see as the biggest challenges?") from the 9 or 10 proposed was not in their hands. It seemed to me to be a well-run meeting within the rules applying; whether you think they are fair is another matter, of course.



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