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I have just been on the  Haringey Council Visitors parking passes to find that all passes are now virtual and the paper ones are being phased out.  From now on you will have to register online and then when you have a visitor or a trades person coming you have to go online and log the start and finish time of their visit !  How can this possibly work?  Some people wont have easy  access to internet. Also  if you have an unexpected visitor you then have to go in and log the time and end time and them if they overstay log in again. The same with any  trades people. Its so inconvenient.  I phone and spoke with someone in the parking section and asked if they have had many complaints and she said they have.  I was told to go to their website and fill in a complaints form if I was unhappy with the new system. 

Does anyone else feel that this is an unworkable and inconvenient system ?

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As the voucher system is run by an outside contractor — Taranto — who boast on their website that they supply similar systems to councils across the UK (and, I think, the US, where they may be based), I imagine Haringey simply went for the cheapest off-the-peg system they could find and were assured it would just bolt on to their, presumably ageing, existing website. It’s not a huge leap to imagine that the Council no longer employs anyone with sufficient IT expertise either to get the spec right in the first place or to troubleshoot problems before or after implementation. It’s what happens when councils generally are forced by government policy and funding squeezes to outsource everything that isn’t bolted down and become virtual entities, as the residents of Barnet found massively to their cost when their council sold off almost all its services to Crapita.



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