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These have been extended til June 2021 - see main discussions.

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Ah, a little bit of 20:20 vision in hindsight.

Yes but only after umpteen complaints till 15 January. And even then:

They dillied and dallied
Shilly and Shallied,  
Lost the plot and sent us to the queue
Down at our nearest open Post Office
To risk a virus catching you.

Ah, so not so 20:20ish at all. Thanks Alan.

Rubbish. Too little too late, I gave all mine away to workmen in October 

and I also noted that I ended up being sold permits in 2018 I think, which were dated from 2016, so already 2years old. 2months  before they brought in the rule, that you couldn’t exchange them 

council complete rogues, as I had stocked up as you never know when you need work done, and can’t exactly get them last minute



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