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Hello! So I have lots of visitors permits due to this years pandemic and no one coming to visit us.. I have only noticed that there is no 2021 year to scratch off- will Haringey council give people some leeway as surely no one has been able to use many visitors permits In 2020?

I was thinking I could just clearly write the year 2021 on the tickets?

Is there someone from the council that could advise? I have been trying to contact Haringey council about this but have not heard back.

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I was advised by @contactharingey on twitter recently to send them back for refund:

Hi. Please send the vouchers to:

London Borough of Haringey
PO Box 55235
N22 9DF

If they are of high value, I would suggest you obtain proof of posting and/or send by Signed For delivery.

Thanks for quick response ! 

Hello- just wondering if you managed to get your refund. I called the council and they forwarded me to customers services in the library- and they said they do not exchange or refund (as written on back of visitors permits). I am hoping that parking services will accept my permits due to this pandemic year and unusual circumstances. I would prefer to contact the parking services first before sending them £100 works of permits - but cannot find a telephone number for them. Can anyone give me further advice? 

I contacted the council and they basically said ‘tough’. They won’t swap them either.

it’s not really acceptable. I think I am going to use them, write 2021. And if I get a ticket contest it. Although maybe I will chicken out.

I know they don’t want the hassle of the refund or replacement process, which is fine, but we should be able to write 2021 on it.

You don’t have to go through that. I challenged all this years ago. The principle of refund is now accepted at the most senior levels. Even though people continue to be told differently on the phone, those who follow the route I set out get a refund. Do it and come back and tell us what happens. Send them recorded delivery or hand them in to a customer service centre if they’re high value. 

Great thanks Hugh. I will try that then. I thought we were supposed to be going digital soon, so I am also wondering how that plays into it. Thanks for the advice.

OMG just read the other post. Talk about full research. You’ve been there already! Thanks.

Yes, I’m waiting for digitisation. I assume that will solve this issue. I’ve just tweeted Cllr Chandawani seeking bang up to date confirmation. 

Thank you Hugh. I had an appointment yesterday at Marcus Garvey and they refused them showing me the “no refund no exchange” written on the back. I then proceeded to call again as was getting mixed messages. The lady I spoke to said that they WILL exchange them but only when they are expired- so wait until January until you can’t use them... and then proceed to send them with with a cover letter stating how many tickets you are returning for an exchange. I did again ask how that would confirm the amount of tickets I get back, which is why I want to hand them in myself. Hugh- are you talking about a generic customer service centre I could hand them into? I am happy to go to the parking services office and hand them in myself, I just don’t know where they are based! 

@girl on bike - keep at it! You paid for them so should be entitied to use them - and there should definitely be an understanding that hardly any could have been used this year- especially with the lockdown, tier 2/3 nationwide, and the free parking Haringey council Have for a couple months at the beginning of The first lockdown. 

Let’s see how Seema responds (she’s normally excellent at getting back on a question) and we’ll take it from there. 

Seema's replied. She's on the case and will get back to us. 

Thanks Hugh 

I've just chased up Seema on Twitter. 



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