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These have been extended til June 2021 - see main discussions.

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Ah, a little bit of 20:20 vision in hindsight.

Yes but only after umpteen complaints till 15 January. And even then:

They dillied and dallied
Shilly and Shallied,  
Lost the plot and sent us to the queue
Down at our nearest open Post Office
To risk a virus catching you.

Ah, so not so 20:20ish at all. Thanks Alan.

We're really not happy about this. We returned 27 permits and requested a refund and got told that these could be extended until June, so no refund. Given the uncertain situation, the lockdown or visitor restrictions are likely to be in place for the forseeable weeks and probably months; it is highly unlikely we'll be able to use the permits by the end of June. We've therefore emailed to tell them this and again request a refund. Hopefully, others will be doing the same! I'll keep you posted as to their response. June 2022 would be have more realistic.......

Rubbish. Too little too late, I gave all mine away to workmen in October 

and I also noted that I ended up being sold permits in 2018 I think, which were dated from 2016, so already 2years old. 2months  before they brought in the rule, that you couldn’t exchange them 

council complete rogues, as I had stocked up as you never know when you need work done, and can’t exactly get them last minute



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