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Is anyone else struggling with the online permit system this morning?  I have tried six times to allocate a permit to a builder working at my house, and I just get an error message each time, telling me that the operation either failed to complete before timing out, or the server was not responding.  Paper was so much simpler...  I guess I will just have to contest any parking tickets, as it's not fair for the builder to be charged if the online system isn't responding.

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Such is the power of Harringay online that the minute after I posted this, the system worked again!

Should it stop working again. I’ve heard from a neighbour that the council is aware of the issue and they e stopped enforcing, ex for for in suspended bags - but you know the council: it’s AYOR. 

You should message your local councillors. Ours got the problem sorted in 24hrs

Thank you both for your help!

I have been trying to buy Visitors permits for weeks and always get the same message. I emailed several times and each time they say the problem was fixed and try again. In the end I managed to get through on the phone and the woman I spoke to said that if you apply for more than  2 permits at a time the system doesnt work. She said no one knows this!!!    I have been trying to buy 6 x 1hours of permits so when I tried for 2 x 1 hour permits it did actualy work.   Madness !

Hi there;  You CAN get paper visitor permits.  You have to go to the library to get them.  It takes about 10 days.  If they tell you that you have to do it online, insist that you want paper ones.  If you still have trouble say Sue Marshall said you could get paper ones.  She's a manager.  I got some about two weeks ago.  James 

Many thanks again - really useful to know!

This is really useful to know, can you just turn up at woodgreen library, what time and what documentation do you need

I have been chasing Parking about the many problems people have been having, including getting fixed penalty notices when they shouldn't. I have made the point that problems are systemic and not the residents' fault. I think this is not a disputed view since I have been  told a full review of the systems has been initiated. I hope this will sort out the systems. But you can contact me if you  are having problems. Email address below.  And yes, you can still  get paper permits!


Zena Brabazon
Cllr, Harringay ward

email: zena.brabazon@haringey.gov.uk

Thank you Zena, that's most helpful and much appreciated.



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