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Hi, I hope someone can help me with this.

I need to order some one hour visitors parking permits for Wood Green Inner CPZ.

I last ordered visitor permits back in 2017 when there were two hour permits still available, and these obviously have a different permit reference number to the one hour permits.

does anyone have a Wood Green Inner One hour visitor parking permit to hand, who could let me know what the permit reference number is. It should be a long number starting with V?

I’d be very grateful if someone could help me, I don’t fancy having to phone the council.


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I think that long number beginning with V is specific to you, not a code for the type of permit.

You can now only get one hour permits or daily permits for visitors.

If you have already applied for permits from us you should already have these

  • Your applicant ID is your unique 4-6 digit reference number. This would have been sent to you in a confirmation email once your request to register for visitor permits had been processed.
  • Your permit reference number begins with VC or VS and can be found in your original email confirmation and is also printed on your existing visitor permits.

. I’ve just had a look and found an old email from 2012, and it was the applicant ID that I had wrong I’m now in able to order permits. Thank you

Lesley, you don't need to use visitors permits at present. 

Hi Eugene

Thanks. Don’t need any for right now (no visitors!). But have run out and thought I should order some for the future (before they put prices up).



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