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I think the visitor parking permit application process nightmare may have ended. Maybe I missed this before, but it seems there's a new link where we can order visitor parking permits online from Haringey council and pay with a debit or credit card.  Before, you had to print out an application form and send it in the post with a cheque and ours has never reached its destination so we are parking permit-less at the moment.

You have to email them to register and within two days they send you two reference numbers which you then input into the system and off you go! The link is  



I think there's an issue if you've never bought permits before, but that's not clear from the information, so worth giving it a go.

I'll let you know how long it takes me before I receive them. My order went in this morning.

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Follow up to my problems with parking permits, they have arrived! I think there are some teething problems however when these are ironed out it will be a convenient way to get them. My thanks to Gary Weston and Alan Stanton.

I've emailed Gary Weston asking him to read your comment, Maggie.

Criticisms and comments from you and other residents are valuable in pinpointing "teething troubles" in the new system which - I hope - can be rapidly corrected.

Although it's a pity these weren't detected and corrected by usability testing before the system went "live".

I'm glad to hear you got your permits, Maggie.

And credit to Gary Weston and his colleagues for a very welcome can-do approach to solving a customer's problem. But the real proof of the pudding is whether these are just "teething troubles" which they are on the way to solving. Or whether there are recurring systemic faults.

Just thought I would let you know.

I applied online for 1 day permits on the 6th december and received them on 16th december.

I didn't think that was to bad, I think they must be getting better.


Just to say that I sent off for my password to buy visitor parking tickets online this Thursday 22 March, ordered three different types of tickets that day, and received them all in a single envelope today, Saturday 24 March.

Had been dreading ordering online, but it was a quick and efficient process and much better than waiting for ages to buy them in person.  Well done Haringey.

i applied for visitors permits at wood green office - they woulld only give me 1 sheet and said the rest would be posted within 5 days, that was 8 days ago, they are needed by my builders, why cant they be given over the counter, I mean I have paid for them



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