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I think the visitor parking permit application process nightmare may have ended. Maybe I missed this before, but it seems there's a new link where we can order visitor parking permits online from Haringey council and pay with a debit or credit card.  Before, you had to print out an application form and send it in the post with a cheque and ours has never reached its destination so we are parking permit-less at the moment.

You have to email them to register and within two days they send you two reference numbers which you then input into the system and off you go! The link is  



I think there's an issue if you've never bought permits before, but that's not clear from the information, so worth giving it a go.

I'll let you know how long it takes me before I receive them. My order went in this morning.

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However it also appears that it is no longer possible to buy visitors parking permits over the counter. I tried yesterday and was told that I could only have a one off ration of 8 permits, however these could not be a mixture of hourly + daily but had to be of one type only. I had to fill in a form and was told to wait for a phone call so that I could pay for these and for the permits that I had ordered and they would be sent to me in due course. So I may end up rationing visits from friends and family.

I am now anxiously waiting for the call. What if I miss it? What if I run out of permits before they ring? What if I can't find my glasses, phone loudspeaker function and my debit card when the phone rings? This system is not friendly towards the elderly or those without debit or credit cards. I am fortunate enough to be able to order online so I will now attempt to do that but there are many who can't. So if you would like visits from family and friends who have no option but to drive then plan ahead.

Thanks for raising this problem, Maggie, Chris and Sally. As a local ward councillor and not a grand panjandrum there was obviously no need for council staff to brief us on this change.

The details of the online scheme are set out on the Council's website here. Plainly there are problems if people don't have a credit card, or (much worse) no bank account. I also envisage situations where the fact that you can't order permits for someone else is going to cause problems.

I phoned "Customer Services" this morning. I didn't have to wait too long, nor listen to Vivaldi being murdered. I am testing the scheme at its most basic: to see how long it takes to get a form posted to a resident; and then the time it takes before she gets her permits by sending a cheque through the post. (The comment by Chris and Sally is worrying on this point.)

Plainly, HoL members reading this are going to be ordering Visitor Permits online. But can I please ask people to check with, say, one or two friends or neighbours who aren't online and are using a cheque-in-the-post to get Visitor Permits. In particular anyone who is vulnerable for health reasons. Without, of course, naming names I'd be glad to hear how the new arrangements are working.

(Tottenham Hale ward councillor)

I applied by post and cheque on 1st November and have heard nothing.   If not received by next week then my plumber is in difficulty.

My application was the first since SG capitulated to the CPZ and I had to supply a copy of a form of ID and proof of address.  Presumably once ID is established then it opens the way to subsequent online applications?

Please keep us all posted, Mic. If you don't get your permits in time, I suggest you formally complain.

At least on the last public figures I've seen, CPZs were being operated as a monopoly business to generate a substantial profit. Some of that profit should used to run the administrative side efficiently - including the issue of permits.

It should also cover basics like repainting lines when they get very faded.

(Tottenham Hale ward councillor)

I went in person to get some permits last week.

At the reception desk I was told to go away, apply by post and the permits would be with me in a fortnight. I explained we had an emergency builder coming to do repairs on the house in a couple of days time and, having patronised me for allowing myself to run out of permits, he relented, issued me with a numbered queue ticket and allowed me into the waiting area.

Apparently they will only allow you to get permits in person if it is a medical emergency or you are having emergency building works...all other applications will be turned away, and that's the rules!


As I sat waiting for my turn to be seen at a desk, I noticed in the reception area a big TV screen with a scrolling message across the bottom claiming that the waiting time to be seen at reception was ' 0 minutes '.... that was true...I was seen at reception almost immediately....however, what was not mentioned on the screen was that having been issued with your numbered ticket there was then a wait of 45 minutes before you were seen and dealt with by a member of staff. Be warned!


It makes sense for the Parking Service to try to reduce costs. But no sense at all to give inaccurate information about waiting times. Nor should any Haringey staff hide the fact that there is a provision for emergencies. As the illustrious poet Donald Rumsfeld told the world, “Stuff Happens”.

 Fans of the Parking Service who made their own badges may also like Vogon Constructor Fleet T-shirts.

I got my permits  few days ago, was prob about 2w- fantastic really pleased- saves a trip on my bike

A note of info which some people might find helpful. I've just taken two weeks to get my ID to apply for visitor permits online. Apparently the system design means that it won't always find your complete record by searching by address. Eventually with a bit or persistence it transpired that if they search for you by name, rather than address, they might locate your full record on their database.

So, if like me, you're told that you can't have an ID because you've never applied for visitor permits - and you know that you have - refer them to this mail and get them to look again.

My on-line order of visitors hourly tickets took 2 weeks 5 days to arrive by post, however my day tickets which had to be ordered separately have not arrived after 3 weeks.

If the teething problems can be ironed out it is much more convenient ordering them on-line and getting them posted out though it does need forward planning. There is one draw back, the permits are in an A4 envelope which is too large and bulky to get through the letter box, luckily I caught the postman as otherwise I would have had to go and collect them from the depot.

My online order arrived this week - it took about two weeks. Unfortunately, 4 out of the 18 sheets were printed incorrectly, so we have to send them back into the ether and hope for the best! Otherwise, it does seem to work...


Sent to Ann Cunningham, Head of Haringey Parking Service at 9.40 am 2 December 2011.

Dear Ms Cunningham,
Subject: Visitor Parking Permits

In case you hadn't spotted this, over the past fortnight some comments were posted on Harringay Online website about the facility to order Visitors' Permits. I appreciate this is a very small selection and not necessarily representative of the service being offered. 
You'll see that people are very positive about being able to get permits without going in person. On the other hand, they also report a few delays, difficulties and mistakes. Which, of course, don't help to build confidence in the new system.
You can find the thread here:
So far it's a single page so can be read very quickly. But can I please draw your attention to these two comments posted in the last 24 hours.
Alan Stanton
Tottenham Hale ward councillor

The online form on this page will only allow me to buy a 12 month resident permit. Does anyone know the link for visitor permits? There's nothing on their website that I can find.



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